The Massassi Temple: Jedi Knight Basic Editing

There are many things a person must learn about before they undertake the task of creating a whole level. By reading through the following "Basic Editing Techniques," you should learn enough to at least start on the more advanced concepts shown in the Tutorials section.

Please, start with the following lessons. After that, the articles in the tables go a bit more in depth. If run into problems along the way, we've got a list of Frequently Asked Questions covering the most common aspects of editing.

Adjoining/Unadjoining - 8t88
Cleaving - 8t88
Colormaps - Brian Lozier
Creating Sectors - 8t88
- Layering - EvanC
- Layers - 8t88
Lighting - 8t88
Measurement - 8t88
Saving Correctly - EvanC
Skies and Floors - Brian Lozier
Sounds - EvanC
Sound Tracks - EvanC
Terms - 8t88
- Texture Alignment - 8t88
- Texturing - Brian Lozier
Thing Orientation - 8t88
Views/The Grid - 8t88

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