Saving Correctly

Author: EvanC

A lot of people don't know the correct way to save a level in JED. This should help.

The first thing you will need to know is what your project directory is for. This is where you save your JED file. If there is anything else that your level needs to run(eg: Home-made cogs) they must be put in your project directory.

Now, once you have saved your JED file in the project dir you need to save your JKL file. Once you have done that you need to save the gob. The gob is a container file that stores all the add-on files. This makes it easier to distribute your level because it means that there is only one file that people need to install to run your add-on.

Once you have the gob saved place it in your jediknight/episode folder. This is where JK looks for new add-on levels. When you start up JK it will have your level listed under the appropriate place (for single player missions it will be under the single player-new game menu. For multi it will be under multiplayer-host game).

Saving your episode

If you want to save your level episode with a name other than "New Level" then you need to use the episode editor. This is a handy new tool that comes with JED 0.5 that is very easy to use. It is found in the options menu. Here is what it looks like:

Obviously, you put your episode name where 'my episode name here' is. Push the update button in the editor.

Things to remember