the version conspiracy

the version conspiracy
by 8t88

Some of you may have noticed that a lot of levels are released to the general public that are chock full of bugs, and the authors know that the bugs are there. You may be wondering why. Well I'm here to clear up this matter in a summary I like to call The Version Conspiracy.

One of the biggest problems with levels today is that they are released too soon; in effect creating a plethora of bug-ridden levels that you are unknowingly downloading. The cause of this anomaly is the brute known as Version! He is a ruthless killer of time and fun. He'll strike at any moment. He shows no mercy. He could be lurking around the next corner...

Who could create such a vile, detestable creature? Would you believe it was The Code Alliance? The very group that makes these, and actually good, levels possible! They added the Version heading in the level authors text file. But The Code Alliance did not knowingly create this menace to society. Quite the contrary; they created it so authors could endlessly improve on their levels without having to do it all at once. You could call them modern Dr. Frankensteins. But, once again, nature and it's unpredictableness has spawned this weed that chokes the healthier crop of levels that were painstakingly made by devoted authors everywhere.

Version is commonly found in readme files included with zips of levels and cripples that level that had a chance to be something, and destroys authors that would have otherwise made a name for themselves. It is disheartening to see these poor frail levels hanging together with what strength they have, and their broken authors clinging to what sanity they have left. I also feel for the people who live from day to day; wondering when the next version of a level will rear it's ugly head, posted on a JK news site. Woe to you who are naive enough to persist in the pursuit of "the next version".

To you authors of bug-ridden levels; pull this thorn from our sides, and make sure that it never returns. For if you do not heed the words of your victims; may you earn a name for yourself that is so unholy I am almost afraid to speak it; you Versionaire!

Why do people need these versions? It may be that people desire to improve upon themselves and in that leave their creations flawed so they may improve it as they would try to improve themselves. Every time they release a new version in their minds they are improving upon themselves.

Do you think having versions is worth it? Do the ends justify the means? That decision is not yours or mine but the decision of the author. Choose wisely...

"When someone desires information, they come to me." - 8t88