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MotS Episode + Game Engine Cutscenes (JKM+)

The Massassi Temple » Levels/Mods » MotS Mod » MotS Episode + Game Engine Cutscenes (JKM+)


This mod serves as a reworking of the latest cutscene assets, with forward-thinking and moddability in mind.

  • These assets hidden in the original game disc (\Resources\Video\ were first crafted by Edward for in-game use and for OpenJKDF2 compatibility by FastGamerr.
  • With the cutscenes installed as below, you will have the ability to mod the cutscenes entirely. As the 1st edition of this project, it is expected that new base assets in \Resources\ will need to be modified over time for more precise moddability.
  • Building off the recent cutscenes mod by FastGamerr, you now no longer need to rely on a batch file to start the game. This does get rid of some game glitches this method caused. Also, you do not have to turn the cutscenes off from the in-game menu. Theoretically, this should also work on both vanilla and OpenJKDF2 but has only been tested on the latter.
  • Full compatibility with assets (packaged by GeneralTantor)--turn them on or off as you please! Run the cutscenes on the game engine with original assets or enhanced assets.
  • As a proof-of-concept, two saber color mods are included--one which makes Kyle's saber color yellow with Yun's hilt and one which makes Mara's saber color blue with Luke's ESB hilt (credit to Shred18 for the excellent high-poly model!). One or both? Vanilla or remastered assets? Yes. In any combination!
  • Refer to INSTALLATION.txt for installation steps, additional information about the concept, and the changes required to make this possible.


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