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Massassi Level Pack #5

Thanks to Kir Kanos for taking updated screenshots of these levels!

The Massassi Temple Level Pack 5, featuring the following 4 levels. Please click the title of each level to download!

First Place: JK SP - Magrucko Daines and the Dark Youth

By Goit

Magrucko Daines must race to stop the Imperial Remnant from finding the lost Valley of the Jedi. The fate of the galaxy depends on it.

(Highly recommend reading the README file before playing!)

Second Place: JK MP - Space Noxx II

By Emon

A sequel to the original Space Noxx, a port of the Unreal Tournament map of the same name.

Also winner of the "Most Accurately Submitted Map" award!

Third Place: JK SP - Gromas Mines

By Reid Booth

Kyle has to travel back to the Gromas Mines to destroy it for real this time!

Honorable Mention: MOTS SP - The Dark Tome: Chapter 1 - Time (Demo)

By MysteriousSith

As an unknown dark jedi with a legion on Remnant forces begins to conduct dark force experiments on the planet Rhen Var, the New Republic sends Jedi Knight Ryloth Kerc and a task force of commandos to to investigate and terminate the situation.