What is this place!?

Author: Brian E. Lozier


When Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight came out in late 1997 I was blown away. I was a huge Star Wars fan and I had played Dark Forces and enjoyed it, but I never knew there was a modding scene.

I found (now mostly-defunct) sites like Jedi Nights and JediKnight.net and read news that there were programs that let people make their own levels. I was so excited but I really struggled learning how to use ForceBuilder first, and then Jed. A bunch of people on DarkJedi.com (original site for the Jed editor, as well as many other tools) helped me learn, and once things started to click, I just had to share what I learned.

I founded this site in early 1998 as a place to post tutorials teaching people how to edit JK. I wrote the first few tutorials (and many later ones) but to my surprise dozens upon dozens of talented editors showed up and donated their time by writing more and more tutorials for me to post. Not only that, they spent time on our forums helping newbies learn how craft their own levels and mods for this amazing game.

Over the years we expanded to a place for general Jedi Knight news, a place for people to post their levels, a place for people to rate and comment on them, etc. Many features have come and gone but what is left is an archive of much of the Jedi Knight editing community and I'm really happy to have been a part of it.

Future Plans

I plan to keep the site up and running so nostalgic players can come back and revisit the cool stuff that has been made and released. I don't have plans for major new features but I will keep plugging away as time allows.