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MotS Secret Level Remastered

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For those that never knew, an unfinished and unsupported LEC level was hidden along with the original game. Based on the duel at Bespin from The Empire Strikes Back, you play as Luke on a mission to rescue his friends after his Force vision on Dagobah. Unfortunately, the unfinished level featured boss battles with dark Mara Jade and dark Kyle Katarn instead of Darth Vader. This remaster brings the cinematic experience it had originally lacked and adds much more completeness to the level. Please note that all level architecture is the same-- this seemed complete. What has changed are the functions within the level. You wanted to fight Vader like in the movies, so here it is! I went as far as adding an alternate ending, so have fun finding that.

Many changes and improvements were made; however, the greatest improvements are with the final boss duels. For a full list of changes, please read the Release Notes.txt. Going forward, I encourage anyone that wants to make further improvements to use this project as a base. Although most of the level may now feel complete, there are several areas that could be still be improved on--namely the encounter with Boba Fett, Vader escaping the Carbon Freeze, Vader's force powers, considerations playing at different difficulties, etc.

For fans of the original trilogy, I expect this to be a satisfying treat. I recommend using jkgfxmod, EnhancementMod assets, and Neural texture pack or any latest and greatest texture pack for best esthetics. MotS Remastered by GeneralTantor sets it all up for you. Included in this package are high poly models of Luke's lightsaber hilt, which had been masterfully fitted for use with JK by none other than the maker of EnhancementMod himself, Shred18! You may manually place them both in the episode goo if you would like.



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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter