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Massassi Level Pack #4

Download The Massassi Temple Level Pack 4, featuring the following 6 levels.

Can Yun-O Ace Is?

By: Andrew 'DeTRiTiC-iQ' Ingram

Into every FPS is made a multiplayer classic. It alone must endure countless copies and inferior re-releases. Others strive to reach this peak of gameplay and flow, yet most fall short. This is not one of those levels.

Dark Tempest

By: Flexor

A small yet frantic level set on a series of platforms floating in the middle of a violent thunderstorm.


By: MaDaVentor

A large industrial-themed building. Pipes, crates, ramps, and stairs are abundant, and all contribute to the silky-smooth gameplay.

Leaky Bucket

By: JEDMaster

Deep in the heart of an uncharted region of space sits an abandoned little ship called the Leaky Bucket.


By: halucid

An arcane gateway between this world and the next...

Xyloid Backbone

By: MaDaVentor

Another great level by MaDaVentor featuring a mix of awesome architecture, lighting, and texturing that combine into an atmospheric masterpiece.