Massassi Temple Level Pack 4

Download The Massassi Temple Level Pack 4, featuring the following 6 levels. Please click the screenshot to see more!

A large industrial-themed building. Pipes, crates, ramps, and stairs are abundant, and all contribute to the silky-smooth gameplay.
Dark Tempest
A small yet frantic level set on a series of platforms floating in the middle of a violent thunderstorm.
Xyloid Backbone
Another great level by MaDaVentor featuring a mix of awesome architecture, lighting, and texturing that combine into an atmospheric masterpiece.
Can Yun-O Ace Is?
Andrew 'DeTRiTiC-iQ' Ingram
Into every FPS is made a multiplayer classic. It alone must endure countless copies and inferior re-releases. Others strive to reach this peak of gameplay and flow, yet most fall short. This is not one of those levels.
An arcane gateway between this world and the next...
Leaky Bucket
Deep in the heart of an uncharted region of space sits an abandoned little ship called the Leaky Bucket.

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