Jedi Knight & Mysteries of the Sith 3d Objects

These are 3d objects you can download and include in your level/map/mod.

Note: if you want to share your textures in this section, please submit a Pull Request to our github repo. by KOP_blujay
A bench, wood with upholstered seat. Perfectly scaled to fit Kyle. Well textured. Uses dflt.cmp colormap and default JK textures. Note that Kyle is not included as part of the 3do, he's just there in the screenshot. by KOP_blujay
A modern-day office chair. Would look good in any office, restaurant, house, etc. Scaled to fit the Kyle 3do. Detailed model, well-textured with custom and default mats, using the dflt.cmp. Fifteen versions are included: three different chair types and five different upholstery textures. by KOP_blujay
A modern-day wood chair. Would look good in any office, restaurant, house, etc. setting. Detailed legs and armrests, well-textured, and perfectly scaled to fit Kyle (see screenshot). Uses standard mats and the dflt.cmp colormap. Version 2 chops the legs down to size so that Kyle's feet touch the floor, and completely re-textures it to look 100 percent better. Note that Kyle is not included with the chair 3do, that's just Kyle placed in the chair in the screenshot. by GuNbOy
This is a 3DO pack consisting of 2 3dos (a shark and a trout), .AI, .pup and some .keys I whipped up for them. Enjoy! by GeneralRamos
An AT-AA (All Terrain Anti-Aircraft) object model. by SavageX
An All-Terrain Personal Transport. by NHS_corey
A pair of rusty metal barrels. One has a lid the other does not and has some type of sludge in it. by XeN_MasTeR
A door that can be used for a bathroom. by shaharmal
A somewhat fancy looking bed. by shaharmal
A gold bell. by LaSeR
Two 3dos meant to look like birds. by Magi_Cabaalis
A Boeing 757. by Tee
A Bongo sub, as seen in episode 1. by 009(HOV)
A new type of camera, for use with the camera cog or for decoration. by DS-181-4
A captain's chair. by J.Z.S.
A cage door (01narsh.cmp). by EH_Ace
An Imperial Chariot by Chemelion
I was just playing around in JED, and constructed a few 3dos of ancient middle-aged type swords. by Brad S
A clock. by Daft_Vader
A tropical coconut tree, complete with cute little coconuts. by Brad S
A coffee table. by PC_McCloud
A large, three-sided "ComCenter." by Seifer
A conference table with some laptops on it. by Myr992
This is a couch 3do that I spent a while making. I have had some people say its good, but I'll let you be the judge of that. by Jason "Dak" Burton
Destructable barrels, much like those in Dark Forces. by Jason "Dak" Burton
Destructible grates as seen in Siege At Vol Kanst. by DrkJedi82
This is a Dodonna RZ-1101 starfighter. It is a similar model to the A-wing but never released for military use. by EL3CTRO
A barrel. by EL3CTRO
A generator. by Brad S
An end table. by Zymotico has closed and The Realm of Zymotico is no more. So that my 3dos will live on without the Jedicore website, I'm uploading most of the completed work to Massassi. So Enjoy! This pack contains Episode 1 background objects for player maps (see screenshot). by Zymotico has closed and The Realm of Zymotico is no more. So that my 3dos will live on without the Jedicore website, I'm uploading most of the completed work to Massassi. So Enjoy! This pack contains Episode 1 moveable/attackable enemies (see screenshot). by GoZ Studios
An E-Wing Fighter. by Flexor
A small, three foot tall plant with an eyeball as a flower. by BoBo Fett
A Trade Federation Droid Fighter. by REZ
A wooden fence. by REZ
An American Flag. by Jedi Gazza
A small flatscreen TV for use in your levels. It goes well on most walls in bases, cantinas etc. by MoNoXiDe
Flat panel TV 3dos, complete with alternate screens. by XeN_MasTeR
This is a gate 3do. by XeN_MasTeR
This is a gate door 3do. by Jedi Gazza
Four Kyle sized crates, and a larger one. One of the crates has two variations. One is open topped, and one is closed. by Joel
A 3do of a pistol. Uses dflt.cmp. Enjoy. by EL3CTRO
A lamp. by shaharmal
This a pack of items you may find around the house. by Jim7/DrkJedi82
A wooden barrel. by Joey Turcio
The JK CD's front and back on a 3do. by Joey Turcio
The second JK disc. Thats all there is to it. by IRN_Baker_JKD
An extremely big bar. by IRN_Baker_JKD
A circular pillar. by EH_AceCSF
A console similar to the ones found in Jedi Outcast. by Pott
I was fooling around with JK3DO and in a minute transformed him into some sort of monster. by Brad S
A large couch. by shaharmal
A loader starship. by Thrawn42689
A 16-bit mailbox. by Pax
A large battle tank. by mark728
This is a pillar 3do I made, but never used, so I figured I'd release it. It uses 06baron.cmp. by shaharmal
A mousy looking mouse bot. by Blue_Bot
6 custom mechs are included in this pack: the Owens, Strider, Catapult, Vulture, Cauldrenborn, and last be not least, the Timber Wolf. by Brad S
A medium sized couch. by Ventrue_Vannula
A Mirr ship. by Brad
This is an A Big Missle Launcher for Jedi Knight editors to use in their levels. by Snootle
A Mon-Calamari Star Cruiser by Oberfeldwebel
A family of mummies including a small child mummy. by Thrawn42689
This is a 16-bit table, loosely based on my own. by BoBo Fett
A Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter. by Daft_Vader
A medieval hogshead barrel. by EbE
A palm tree with new textures. by BoBo Fett
A multi-meshed character 3do resource using the dflt.cmp for Jedi Knight/MotS Editors. All the pivot points are set and l also included a few keys to get you started. by Room 112
A plane. by Vader130
A rocket. by Brad S
A school bus. by Cave_Demon
This is a SeaQuest 3DO. Good for cutscenes, bad for levels. by GoZ Studios
Darth Vader's Executor-Class Command ship. Included are 8 different scaled 3dos. by GoZ Studios
The Cygnus Spaceworks Alpha Class Xg-1 Star Wing, a common Imperial Fighters that is equipped with both shields, a hyperdrive, as well as ion cannons and a strong hull. However, it is relatively slow and unmanueverable. by GoZ Studios
The 630 meter Sienar Fleet Systems Immobilizer-418 Intedictor Cruiser. Its gravity well projectors can prevent ships from entering hyperspace, and pull ships from hyperspace into realspace. Included are 8 different scaled 3dos. by GoZ Studios
The Imperial Class Star Detroyer, the Empire's most common warship. Included are 8 different scaled 3dos. by GoZ Studios
From the Star Wars RPG, the SorroSuub Nella 342 Stock Light Freighter, an old design still used in the outer rim. by GoZ Studios
The Correllian Engineering Corporation's YT-2000 Stock Light Freighter, the Otona, from X-Wing Alliance. by DS-181-4
A sawed-off shotgun. by Felber
A shuttle. by DS-181-4
A medium-sized shuttlecraft. by Gilneas
This file contains Imperial and Rebel sign 3dos. This is for BOTH JK and MOTS. by Andrew
One of Jabba's skiffs. by Ventrue_Vannula
A skiff, as seen at the Battle of Carkoon. by Skinners
A Snowspeeder like the ones from Hoth. by SaBrE_WuLf_LJ
This is my Snipe Tower 3do. by Rebel Commando
This is a small sniper tower. by Evan C and Earl Dalton
A Snowspeeder. by Olen Garn
This is a 3do of a snowspeeder, like the ones from The Empire Strikes Back, but with a better paint job. by compudude
A Sony Clie handheld computer. by dksaber
A speaker box with two subwoofers in it. by EL3CTRO
A stargate. by Snootle
Two statues. by Loka Hask
9 statue 3dos in different poses. The statues either have a spear, a sword, or two swords. by REZ
A stop sign. by EH_AceCSF
A storage rack with three shelves. by GoZ Studios
Two A-Wings: one landed, one in flight. by GoZ Studios
Two B-Wings: one landed, one in flight. by GoZ Studios
A Corellian Corvette. by GoZ Studios
The Millennium Falcon from Episode IV, A New Hope. by GoZ Studios
The Millennium Falcon from ESB and RotJ. by GoZ Studios
The Outrider, Dash Rendar's famous ship. by GoZ Studios
Boba Fett's infamous ship, The Slave 1. Two 3dos: one landed, one in flight. by GoZ Studios
The TIE Advanced. by GoZ Studios
The TIE Defender. by GoZ Studios
A TIE Drone fighter. by GoZ Studios
A TIE Fighter. by GoZ Studios
The TIE Raptor. by GoZ Studios
The TIE X1: the TIE Advanced prototype flown by Vader in the trench run. by GoZ Studios
Two X-Wings: one landed, one in flight. by Oberfeldwebel
A flat shirt and matching pants with a pair of boots. by GeneralRamos
An accurately modelled TIE Defender. by Tee
N1 Starfighter by GeneralRamos
An accurately modelled TIE Interceptor. by GoZ Studios
A TIE Interceptor. by Mystic0
Simple tourch 3do with texture. by SolidSnake_Jedi
A train mostly made for hovering by Cave_Demon
It's a trash bin... Fast and furious gameplay! ;) by huyd_n20
A tree 3do for the baron CMP. Please see the included readme file for more information. by Trophy
Two sofa 3dos, one decorated, one plain. Both use original JK 8-Bit mats and their textures fit well into the Jedi Knight theme. by SavageX
A Landspeeder. by Taalo
A turbolaser battery. by DC_HunterX
A TV. by Rebel Commando
An average size TV with very simple textures. A nice addon for any home. by Vader013
This is an ATPT and, along with the 3DO, contains a usage guide, two KEY animations, and a PUP file. by Seifer
Three different pop machines for your enjoyment. A Pepsi machine, a random cola machine, and a cold milk dispenser. by Duo Maxwell
A fountian that is a volcano. This is designed so that the player should not touch it. If the player is allowed to jump on the lava area it will look stupid and screw up the moment. by SavageX
A V-Wing Airspeeder. by DC_HunterX
A water tower. by John Troxell
A barb-wire fence. by Ventrue_Vannula
An X-Wing Fighter. by GoZ Studios
Two Y-Wings: one landed, one in flight.