Jedi Outcast & Jedi Academy 3d Objects

These are 3d objects you can download and include in your level/map/mod.

Note: if you want to share your textures in this section, please submit a Pull Request to our github repo.

Object Models by JesseG88
An alarm box, activated by any station by Bobafett765
A simple bench by Bobafett765
Four differently textured benches by Bobafett765
A small wooden guard tower, complete with a ramp by Mark Lubbers
Laser turret used by the Rebels on Hoth by Zymotico
Naboo N1 Starfighter model by Madjai
Darth Nemisis' saber, the oldest working lightsaber in existance by Nathan Hill
A textureless model of a paintball gun by Bobafett765
Six different pillars for use in custom Jedi Outcast levels by darkskywalker
A Slave 1 model by Mark Lubbers
Imperial TIE Interceptor by Dan "The Man"
Warthog vehicle from Bungie Studio's Halo by Bobafett765
The central ziggurat (pyramid) featured in my level, Grand Temple of Fire

Player Character Models by ksk_h2o
Gray Fox, the cyborg ninja from Metal Gear Solid by Tim Eggena / Infinity Blade
This model and skin is my interpretation of Kyle from the game 'Dark Forces'. by DAK, a.k.a Antizac
Link, from the Legend of Zelda adventure series