Mysteries of the Sith 3d Objects

These are 3d objects you can download and include in your level/map/mod.

Note: if you want to share your textures in this section, please submit a Pull Request to our github repo. by jarethk
An AT-AT transport 3do for MotS. Stick an active AT-AT under it, make the barge launch, and voila... prepare for ground assault!!! by MikeC (with lots of credit to
An A-Wing fighter retextured with the unused textures in MotS. by Johan "Chromis" Harrison
This is the same type of ship as the "Bespin Bandit", Uz Bonearm's fast and agile corellian craft. Appeared in Dark Empire II. by naeS
Han Solo in his Bespin outfit. by Boshek
A big dead tree (03house.cmp) by JeDi BoY
A big-screen TV. by Kenobi
An old fashioned street light (01narsh.cmp). by Chemelion
A book shelf, and a candle, and books, and other such stuff that you would have on it. by SuperNerd_IJ
Two more new enemies to add to levels: a Bounty hunter Gran, and a Smuggler. by Dante
The Corellian Engineering Corporation's Y-1800 was an attempt to create a inexpensive quickly produced personal cargo transport. The "Celphi" is the personal ship of Maria Corren, who along with her brother Jace explore the galaxy searching for ancient treasures. by TSE_ctsketch
Looks more like one of the prequel transports, but shaped differently and bus-sized. by SuperNerd_IJ
10 new retextured enemies including 2 Grans, an Ithorian, an Aqualish, a Rodian, a Wookie, 3 men and a woman. by Dan Ellen
A pack of many different 3dos. by Bobafett765
This is basically a re-textured version of SavageX's war droid. It's used for decoration purposes, unless you know how to use it otherwise. by Jedi Anubis
The welder arm from Dark Forces. by Bobafett765
This pack contains a group of re-textured 3DOs. The original model was designed by SavageX, but I just re-textured them. So, if you like the design, thank SavageX. If you like the textures, thank me. by SavageX
A large war droid for decoration purposes. by Markus Friebe
An E-Wing Fighter. by Johan "Chromis" Harrison
Cygnus Space Works EX-2 Enforcer-class customs & police cruiser. A pretty new ship, designed to compete with Sienar's Blastboat and Mandal Motor's Pursuer, and to be a supplement to Cygnus own Assault transports. More info in ReadMe file. by Matthew Pate
A Flash Speeder. by longsaber
Simply that - a forklift. by Milhouse
A Nebulon Frigate 3do. Originally David McHale's, it's been resized and retextured with his consent. by Kalen
A golden sword. by Fourwood
A Briefing Room Holo-Table like in RotJ. by moneyobie
A set of Hoth 3DOs for MotS. by Hemlos
An Imperial transport that you can walk into. by Rogue15
A medium-sized imperial landing pad, can fit half a squad of tie fighters on it. by Anthony Piggott
A Jabba the Hutt 3do for editors to use in their levels, it works with Ka'Pa the Hutt .KEY files, so you can animate it for cutscenes by BoBo Fett
The Jedi Starfighter Delta7 from Episode II: Attack of the Clones. Note: This 3do uses 100% 16-bit mats. by Kalen
A neat-looking bridge. by Koensayr
A pirate fighter made of scraps from other ships. by FLC_Jibba
A desk lamp. by longsaber
Lando as a Jedi. by SavageX
The Timberwolf from Mechwarrior 2. by MikeC
This is a pack of Shistavanen Wolfmen enemies armed with different weapons (stormtrooper rifle, repeater, rail detonator, and a punching enemy). It uses Al McDonald's Lak skin and some great new sounds by Slug. by Admiral Thrawn
A Mon Calamari Cruiser. by The Masked Monkey
A giant monkey. by Light Staff
This is a small table I made for a Mos Eiesly house that I am using in my level. by OrBitR_MrE
A bunch of rock 3dos. by Mika
An M-Wing Fighter. by Scott Brisken
A speeder like Luke's and a computer console. by Stormtrooper
A propane tank, can be blown up, feel free to change the textures, just give me credit for the original 3do. by The_Lost_One
2 ATPTs included for MotS, one with extended legs and one with both legs side by side. by MikeC
This is a rebel commando with repeater enemy. by TSE_ctsketch
A massive Death Star reactor for decoration. by The_Lost_One
3dos that I made using screenshots I took from the game Rogue Squadron 3D. I believe they're all to scale. by The_Lost_One
I am releasing a much improved 3do pack. This one includes about 3 new 3dos. Pack includes: convoy vehicle, imperial garrison, atst factory (which fits an atst inside), and an imperial garrison. by HothRebel
A Jawa Sandcrawler. by SavageX
A pack of 3dos: includes a tank, a ladder, a table with a console on it, a console, and a wooden door. by David Erlenbusch
An Imperial Class Star Destroyer (retextured from the MotS CD). by Pierrick Brouillet
Replaces the Rebel commando with the Senate Guard from TPM. by Ironman
A shotgun. by Matthew Pate
A Sith Interceptor. by FLC_Jibba
An electric chair (06baron.cmp). by Mika Hurley
The Slave 1, Boba Fett's personal ship. by Nightmare
A small fighter. by ctsketch
Luke beige landspeeder, with custom mats. by Mika
A speeder bike like the ones from RotJ. by Mark Suave
A collection of different speeders. by Taalo
A stalactite (01narsh.cmp). by Koensayr
A sword. by Lou Graziani
An unused Jabba the Hutt 3DO that was made for ToaM2. Jabba can be animated with Ka'pa the Hutt's KEY frames for use in cutscenes. by JM
A medieval tent. by Nightmare
A throne. by Number Six
A Thunderbolt Fighter from Babylon 5. by SavageX
A TIE Advanced Fighter. by Nahaku
A collection of tree 3dos. by MikeC (with lots of credit to
A T-Wing fighter retextured with the unused textures in MotS. by Snootle
Three ships called "uglies" because they're made from scraps of other ships. by Markus Friebe
The V-38 Phantom from Rebel Assault II. by Johan "Chromis" Harrison
The V-Shape pinnace from Kuat-Systems has been around for a while and is no longer among the most modern in operation. It was designed to be a long-range patrol & escort ship with the safety and comfort of the two-man crew in mind. More info in ReadMe file. by Buck_Mulligan
A waveskimmer: a vehicle used as a transport on water fronts. by BoShek
An old wooden bridge commonly seen hanging precariously over canyons in Indian Jones movies (06baron.cmp). by naeS
Han Solo in his Western outfit. by Luke Thomas
An X-Wing with no landing gear and closed s-foils. by Number Six
The YT-1900, a ship from the same series as the Millenium Falcon (YT-1300) and the Outrider (YT-2400). by MikeC
Y-Wings using the alternate textures. by MikeC (with lots of credit to
A Z-95 fighter retextured with the unused textures in MotS.