Jedi Knight 3d Objects

These are 3d objects you can download and include in your level/map/mod.

Note: if you want to share your textures in this section, please submit a Pull Request to our github repo. by Blue_Bot
A metal door, 0.4 by 0.6 JKU's. by Elyas Machera
A small table-like altar that you could use in some sort of church. by The Vertigo
An All Terrain Cargo Transport - Like an AT-AT, but you can walk around inside it by Schming
Rusty old barrel full of sludge. by Elyas Machera
A bench you could use in a subway. by Farrax
The tower looks something like the Empire State Building with a radio tower on top. Don't hold me to the rendering of it, because I've never been there, and didn't have a picture handy when I made this. by Joshua
This is a realistic tree 3do for JK levels. Enjoy! by Daft_Vader
A sportsgame bleacher for the fans! Seats fifteen! by SoM_Zuljin
A small 3do that may be used in the upcoming mod from Mad Cow Productions, War is Hayl. by Prince_Ocarina
A nice looking bush 3do with a low surface count. by
It's a simple arm chair with a high back and arm rests by FlyDuDe
This is exactly what the name sounds like, a computer center. Another 3do I made for The Rock project. Has some decent detail to it. by Boneio
A large computer console 3DO for JK. by Home_Slice
This is a conference-like table with computer screens by The Jedi Assassin
A pack of assorted consoles by JKior
Two circular control consoles by Elyas Machera
A street light. by Element_Greven
A Corusca-class Fighter/Bomber. 2 Medium Laser Cannons, 2 Medium Ion Cannons, 2 Warhead Launchers. Rivals an X-Wing in atmospheric flight. In space, it's comparable to an Assault Gunboat. by Thuroly3D
A dagger. by DarthFader
14 3dos of everyday office items by DarkJedi82
This 3do is made for JK but I'm sure it will work with both. by SavageX
A small hut. Uses 06baron.cmp by Jeff W.
A collection of the principal new 3dos that were created for Drazen Isle. by Elyas Machera/Wolfy
We've all seen those notorious bar rooms in both SP and MP levels alike. But how come there aren't any passed out inhabitants? What's realistic about THAT? So, to compliment these areas, I created four drunk people. by Elyas Machera
A dumpster you can use in a city level. by SavageX
Escort Shuttlecraft by Emon
A set of 3dos (includes the base, blades and shadow of blades) for this great fan setup. Includes a how-to file. by Elyas Machera
A fountain for use in a fancy hotel or restaurant. by Andrew
A gargoyle statue by Elyas Machera
A wooden acoustic guitar. by fleepz
Han Solo in carbonite. by Nightmare
A hovertrain with 8 different cars by Blair Aires
An H-Wing. Uses 01narsh.cmp by ApoK_DragonPhinn
A wooden item chest. Large enough to fit items inside. by FlyDuDe
A jail door with bars - Made for The Rock, which is the level I'm currently working on. by Magi_Cabaalis
A television set. by Warzone Team
The Wild Card, Talon Kaarde's personal ship by NJF_PolyMorph
This is skin of what a kell dragon/human hybrid would look like. by Hell Raiser
A new double-bladed saber handle. It can work with a double bladed saber pack because that's what it's based off of. by GOD_Tazman_GOD
A launch arm for TIEs by NHS_corey
A pack of 2 light 3dos for use in a Jedi Knight level. They are meant to be placed on a ceiling. by MaDaVentor
This is a pack of 10 tree 3dos for use in your JK levels. There are five tree variations, with two different heights. by sskakarot51
A shuttle that you can walk around in by Blue_Bot
A mech (not based off any other mechs). by Ryan Bickhart
A medium rebel transport by Elyas Machera
A microphone, right now set to be placed at Kyle's chest level (you can edit it in JED if you need it at a different height). by Achilles
A small barrier with a repeater - Kind of like a pill-box. by Zymotico
An N-1 Starfighter. by Thrawn42689
It's max all dressed up in 16-bit red mats. by Dylan
An empty crate by Elyas Machera
A park bench, for use in a park. by Whiskey359
Realistic wooden park bench. by Milhouse
These are two 3dos of Imperial Patrol Boats, like the ones in Rogue Squadron. One has a rear turret and the other one doesn't. by ¥oda
This is a pine tree for use in levels. It uses the baron CMP. by Elyas Machera
A booth you can use in a restaurant, complete with table and 2 benches. by Pengun
This is my second toilet 3do. Much improved over the other one, it uses 16-bit mats and a high-detail model. by SLJ_Ghost
A tower of crisscrossing ramps by SavageX
TIE Interceptor by Safari_Bob
A pack of 3dos containing a hover apc, The Evader, and a landspeeder by EH_AceCSF
This is a sentinel class shuttle, landed. by SavageX
Here is an updated missile boat that now works for JK basic. It features new textures and has two engines on the back. I added the engines because the TIE Fighter game has two engines on the back. by The Jedi Assassin
Two speeder bikes by Dylan
A fighter similar to the X-Wing by DjDTM
A subway train for urban levels, uses dflt.cmp. by Elyas Machera
A pillar. by Brian Lozier
A doorjam 3do similar to the one already in JK, but with new textures and a back, unlike the old one. by DrkJedi82/Jim7
A tank. by fj_jediboy13
A large temple by ¥oda
This is a 3do of a plane. It was developed to be a combat plane, and it is. I adjusted some of the mats so it seems to look like camoflauge. by Achilles
A nice little homely prison toilet by Pengun
Another toilet
tree001.3do by Andrew
A tree. Uses 03house.cmp by DrkJedi82
This is a big truck modeled after my own. by Val Langley
This is a wall with a hole for shooting though and a fence for seeing through. The fence will guard you while the hole below it is in just the right height for your gun. I'll warn that I don't know how to make the fence part see-through in software mode, and I doubt there is a way, so prepare for software users to find it useless. It's good for defense, especially in a CTF level, for instance. by REZ
An earth wishing well, released by popular demand. Uses 03house.cmp by Dash_rendar
A wood railing 3do. by Tim "Slug" Hayes
The XP-38, a newer model from the same series as Luke's X-34 by Zell
A Zell's Soda dispenser.