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Massassi Level Pack #3

Download The Massassi Temple Level Pack 3, featuring the following 8 levels.

Castle of Ice and Wind

By: bug

Duke it out in and around an incredible looking castle perched on an icy ledge.

Death's Dome

By: Juztyn

A compact DM level with multi-tiered gameplay and a lot of firepower.

Dry Heat

By: NorthChaos

Great indoor and outdoor architecture, awesome 3dos, and dynamic gameplay make this level and instant classic. Dare you venture into the abandoned mines?

Hard Vacuum

By: Posse and Naythn

"Once a military training center, this complex was abandoned. However, it has been reopened for your fragging pleasure." And what a pleasure it is... Vertically focused gameplay like never before.


By: Stress

A straight DM paradise. As Stress puts it, "No theme, no story. Get in and pray for survival."


By: Freelancer

"A medieval city block in which fragging may commence. Simple as that."


By: Jepman

What better place to slaughter your opponents than in a dark subway station? In need of refreshment? Try some Jeppie cola!


By: Home_Sliced

"You carefully slip into the damp, moldy warehouse, glad to be out of the rain. No sooner have your eyes adjusted to the drab lighting when a dull explosion breaks the monotony of the pounding rain. It seems this warehouse is not as deserted as you thought..."