Massassi Temple Level Pack 3
Download The Massassi Temple Level Pack 3, featuring the following 8 levels. Please click the screenshot to see more!

A straight DM paradise. As Stress puts it, "No theme, no story. Get in and pray for survival."
Dry Heat
Great indoor and outdoor architecture, awesome 3dos, and dynamic gameplay make this level and instant classic. Dare you venture into the abandoned mines?
Hard Vacuum
Posse and Naythn
"Once a military training center, this complex was abandoned. However, it has been reopened for your fragging pleasure." And what a pleasure it is... Vertically focused gameplay like never before.
Death's Dome
A compact DM level with multi-tiered gameplay and a lot of firepower.
"You carefully slip into the damp, moldy warehouse, glad to be out of the rain. No sooner have your eyes adjusted to the drab lighting when a dull explosion breaks the monotony of the pounding rain. It seems this warehouse is not as deserted as you thought..."
"A medieval city block in which fragging may commence. Simple as that."
What better place to slaughter your opponents than in a dark subway station? In need of refreshment? Try some Jeppie cola!
Castle of Ice and Wind
Duke it out in and around an incredible looking castle perched on an icy ledge.

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