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The Massassi Temple CTF Pack

Download The Massassi Temple CTF Pack, featuring the following five astounding levels.

Acid CTF

By: MaDaVentor

Churning, bubbling acid separates you from your goal. Are you man enough to overcome all obstacles?

CTF Nemesis

By: Takimoto

Symmetrical CTF can't get much better than this. Both intricate design and great gameplay swirl around this pearl by Takimoto.

CTF Toxic Waste

By: Raynar

Toxic Waste is perfect for pure and simple CTF duels, whether it be one-one-one or with multiple players. With great aesthetics and design, Toxic plays and feels like a charm.

Halls of Mandos

By: Mormegil

Access keys, secret elevators, thrusts, and other surprises await you in the shadowy Halls of Mandos.

Powercore CTF

By: ctsketch

Fast-paced CTF action with a bit of a high-flying twist.