Massassi Temple CTF Pack
Download The Massassi Temple CTF Pack, featuring the following five astounding levels. Click the screenshots to see more!

CTF Toxic Waste
Toxic Waste is perfect for pure and simple CTF duels, whether it be one-one-one or with multiple players. With great aesthetics and design, Toxic plays and feels like a charm.
CTF Nemesis
Symmetrical CTF can't get much better than this. Both intricate design and great gameplay swirl around this pearl by Takimoto.
Halls of Mandos
Access keys, secret elevators, thrusts, and other surprises await you in the shadowy Halls of Mandos.
Powercore CTF
Fast-paced CTF action with a bit of a high-flying twist.
Acid CTF
Churning, bubbling acid separates you from your goal. Are you man enough to overcome all obstacles?

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