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The Massassi Temple CTF Pack has finally arrived, featuring the best Capture the Flag levels the likes of which the JK community has never laid eyes on. For a complete list of the levels and authors, as well as quite a few screenshots, please click here.


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Download: The Massassi Temple CTF Pack
File Size: 5.5Megs
Date: 04/16/01
Author: Various
Downloads: 4631


Score (0-10): 9
# of Ratings: 37
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-MaDaVentor-Posted: 04/16/01 01:23   Report Abuse


ValloPosted: 04/16/01 02:41   Report Abuse
Looks sweet :)


VornskrPosted: 04/16/01 02:42   Report Abuse
Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks to everyone who submitted a level but didn't make it into the pack. I've had a great time playing all of these levels, and This pack can handle many different types of gameplay; Mandos can be played a lot like Nar currently is, Powercore is great for Full Force matches, and the others are good for small/medium sized matches.

This is a must have for anyone who still plays Jedi Knight.


BoL_PretenderPosted: 04/16/01 04:16   Report Abuse
I have always enjoyed a good game of JK CTF. Now with this pack maybe I can twist people's arms ER um convince =D more people to play CTF!


SM_ZeddicuusPosted: 04/16/01 05:49   Report Abuse
I'm not even gonna wait to download, been waiting quite a while for this to be done and it looks to be sweet. Good Job everyone!


Gelatinous_DroolPosted: 04/16/01 07:15   Report Abuse
Dang, its like a cinnamon-bacon-toast sandwich! This is a great fun pack of CTF levels. I was suprised at times that I was playing Jedi Knight... Actually that suprises me rather often. The Halls of Mandos looked particularly nice. And the Acid CTF level with the gold and red lava i liked, cuz I was trying to throw together a lava CTF level...its still in the making, but I m sure I couldnt polish up the texturing as well. I would do with less visible adjoins in the "base" region though. The only disappointment is that not one ctf level, that I recognized, is non-symmetrical. I realize making two equal balanced bases is very difficult and must take at least twice as long to work on...Maybe that could be addressed in an ASSAULT/CTF level contest...


ReAcToRPosted: 04/16/01 10:10   Report Abuse
I liked all of the levels in one way or another, but I felt that just about every one of them lacked what makes JK CTF so great. Most of the serious JK CTF players play JK CTF because of these differences, not because our systems can't handle games like Unreal Tournament or Quake III Arena. Each level had something unique in it that represented Jedi Knight in a good way, but overall, I felt like I was playing something other than Jedi Knight. That isn't a good thing, for those of us who play JK CTF for it's uniqueness.

Toxic Waste:

You can't just GIVE people the Rail Detonator and Concussion Rifle. One of the interesting things about JK CTF is that the levels make you WORK for these and other items. I liked the level, but it was aimed more at DM players than at CTF players. I know that it was aimed at newbies, but at least make the newbies learn something other than shooting and capping.


Can't just give away the Rail Detonator. There was no Concussion Rifle even though the level was large enough for it. You did make a few RJ areas, but they were concentrated in one area and were too visible. You almost HAVE to have a vest in or near each base. I KNOW that Taki can make better levels, I've seen him do it!

Halls of Mandos:

I thought this map was as good as Morms conversion of Coret. He used keys(only person that did), multiple routes, elevators, multiple levels(altitude), and he makes you WORK for the Concussion Rile. I think that Mormegil is the best CTF level editor for JK if not in the world. This guy should be making maps for JK2 if it ever becomes a reality. I wasn't too into some of the texturing, but this man knows how to use JK's uniqueness. Not as good as his legendary Fusion level, but definitely a good level for a resume.


This guy must be an Unreal/UT fan. His level reminded me of Unreal alot. I liked his ability to be very creative with item placement and use of cogs, but I'm not really sure how well this level will work with experienced CTFers. It's definitely unique, but it's unique in more of a Unreal way vs a JK way. I did find it interesting, and loved the placement of the Concussion Rile and the Revive. There were also a few areas that you could Rail Jump(RJ) to.

Acid CTF:

I don't know if it's because my Voodoo 3 sucks, or if I'm just crazy, but I am 100% sick of the Acid mats already. If the term "overused" was ever suitable, this is definitely the occasion. I liked the architecture, MaDa could be an awesome Team DM level editor, but as far as CTF, I don't think that this level works very well. NO MORE ACID! Also, when you put the flag up higher than everything else, you might as well put a sign up saying LAY MINES UNDER FLAG AND YOU WILL GET A FREE KILL WHEN THE FLAG CARRIER CAPS. I pooped out 3 mines there and sent a buddy of mine head first into the ceiling with little or no chance to escape.

Overall I think this map pack is pretty decent, but it doesn't have any replay value. I just think that people get so wound up in editing, that they forget that this is Jedi Knight. There are too many GOOD things about JK CTF to ignore, and I feel that most of these levels did just that.

That's my 2 cents. I know I'm sometimes a little obnoxious and overly opinionated, but I felt that this contest could have been alot better than it was. I would like to THANK everyone who tried though, your efforts are much appreciated by me and my comrades, I'm sure.


BackslashPosted: 04/16/01 12:19   Report Abuse
"I don't know if it's because my Voodoo 3 sucks, or if I'm just crazy, but I am 100% sick of the Acid mats already. "

Hmm, you should read the name of the level again, its not called Acid CTF because its filled with magical little leprechauns.

Personnally, being a judge for this pack was probably one of the most fun things I've done with JK in a long while. I hadn't even picked up my JK CD in about 2 months. Then when I found out I was going to judge, I instantly dusted off the CD.

It was an excellent experience for me, and when I played with the other judges, I remember my laughter playing Powercore, my insane gamma level in Mandos (hehe Morm), everything was a blast.

Once again, I want to congradulate all the authors on such an excellent job.


MormegilPosted: 04/16/01 13:14   Report Abuse
Yeah, it's 'cause of people like Backslash that I had to abandon my artistic goals and add more light to my level ;)

A big thank-you goes out to everyone that participated. 60 days isn't a lot of time to make a quality CTF level (especially when you procrastinate - doh), with all the testing, deleting, and re-working that usually comes with it. I was planning on an asymmetrical map, but that proved too difficult under the time restraints. Anyway, I know everyone worked really hard on these, so let's get some CTF going!

I think you'll find a good variety of gameplay with these maps. They're suitable from the beginner to advanced CTF player.

Remember that CTF levels take time to learn. Explore each level by yourself first. Bring up the map so you can see the layout. *None* of the levels are really difficult to get through if you just take 15 minutes with it ahead of time. Enjoy.

On a final note I'd like to thank Archimedes for organizing this contest and making it a success.


-MaDaVentor-Posted: 04/16/01 13:46   Report Abuse
Oh, and I hope ya'll found the concussion rifle in Acid CTF. I hid it, but not as well as I did in Acid Storage Facility. If you didn't find it, get in touch with me.


GrendelPosted: 04/16/01 17:24   Report Abuse
Great, you guys release this JUST after I un-install Jedi Knight, and lose my JK CD. Now I'm gonna hafta get another one.


MaxisReedPosted: 04/16/01 19:05   Report Abuse
Judging this was huge fun....



AV_SmoffPosted: 04/17/01 18:15   Report Abuse
This level contest was greatly anticipated by the jk ctf community. CTF is like a fine wine, its an acquired taste, drink too much and people will view you as a ctf junkie.

I hope this contest and pack might encourage more people to come and join in with the ctf'ers. Its not a mystical cult, um well actually it is kind of.


gj to all the authors who submitted a level.


AV_DrunkeyMPosted: 04/17/01 23:07   Report Abuse
i love it all... the best thing in the pack is the giant jump in powercore... heh reminds me of the morpheus thing, i'll bet there's gonna be a lot of mid-air bump-ins once i start to play hehe... great job to all the authors that submitted and to the judges who worked so hard (by that i mean played all the levels beforehand =P) to bring the entire JK community this wonderful pack. This packs staying on my hard drive (probably because i have 56k) hehe.


GangsterPosted: 04/17/01 23:51   Report Abuse
I haven't played a good CTF game for god knows how long but I think I will revert to my old ways after I download this one. Great job to all the editors!


BoL_PretenderPosted: 04/19/01 04:52   Report Abuse
Actually the conc rifle in Acid CTF I found within 5 minutes of playing the level much easier to find then in your original acid level.

P.S. but in Acid CTF it IS obvious if you pay attention to detail and other things. =)


JEDPosted: 04/23/01 20:22   Report Abuse
Most Impressive


TakimotoPosted: 04/23/01 20:22   Report Abuse
I'm glad you guys liked it.


Andrew7781Posted: 04/29/01 20:25   Report Abuse
I like having a cable modem (128kbps) hehehe :-)


MeNTaLPosted: 05/03/01 00:18   Report Abuse
another good pack from massassi


Jedi LegendPosted: 05/16/01 13:27   Report Abuse
This pack was a lot of fun, but i have a few comments:

Toxic Waste: It looked good but it was too easy to use force speed to run, grab the flag, run back and repeat. It got boring after a while.

Nemesis: Was it just me or was this level dark? Anyways, for some reason i just felt like i was in a closed in, small area in this level. Do not play it if you are claustiphobic.(sp?)

Halls of Mandos: This was fun but i wanted
it to be more like Nar. It was too easy to get the flag, in Nar I still havent found it.

Powercore: This was the best level in the pack. Unlike the other levels, there was one path (two, but the other way took longer) and so everytime i got the flag and ran, i would run into my opponent. If i killed him, i'd capture the flag, if not, well then i'd die. It had the best looks and gameplay IMO.

Acid CTF: I liked this level a lot too. The fact that middle ramp thing raises when u get the flag encourages more fighting instead of just force running of with the flag.


ChEMiXPosted: 07/15/01 15:54   Report Abuse
All good looking levels but mandos is the only one that can play a long game without getting repetitive... a bit grey though...

p.s to get the flag in nar you have to jump into the tube (red) or jump into the fan when the light turns white (gold)


SmoffPosted: 08/27/01 17:04   Report Abuse


TFF_PopiPosted: 08/21/02 00:10   Report Abuse
sweet ill d\l this and play it on


FreelancerPosted: 11/28/02 00:59   Report Abuse
Halls of Mandos was magnificent.. 'nuff said.


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