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Descriptions courtesy Darth Slaw - Jed v951b - Well, first off, you need Jed before you can do anything with the stuff hosted here (aside from the 3d Heightmapper and JK Calculator). Version 951 is the latest release.

Plugins by the Code Alliance - Adjoin Jiffy - Allows you to adjoin two surfaces of different shapes, provided that they have the same number of vertices. - Vertex Assassin - Ever get those annoying vertices left over from merging two surfaces? This plugin will run though your current(selected) surface(s) and delete all those redundant vertices for you. - Awesome Arrays - Allows you to copy a set of multiselected sectors, things, and lights using a linear, rectangular, or circular array pattern. - Beam Me in Jed - Imports jed levels into other jed levels. - Cleave2VX - Cleave the current surface between two multiselected surfaces. - CleaveLight - Cleaves level surfaces so that when you calculate lighting you end up with high quality shadows. - Copy_SF - Makes a copy of the current surface onto each multiselected surface. - DFX Import - Import DFX files into Jed. - Flagman - Runs through all the level surfaces, and for each surface that has the same texture as the current surface, it will set the Surface flags for those surfaces to the same value as the current surface. - Free Sector - Draw your sector in 2d. Then, Jed will pump it up into 3d. - Get Bent - Make perfectly curving pipes. - Goal! - Generates cogs for your level objectives. - Go Rotate - Make perfect domes and circular architecture. - Hotkey Enforcer - Assign your Jed plugin hotkeys with this handy tool. Also features the option to fix conflicting hotkeys and fill in missing slots. - Jed2Prj - Edit a Jed level and export it to an Ace_Dxf project file. - JedP - Shows all the level information, such as sector count, then layers all things. - Jed Vector Calculator - Calculates a vector from two multiselected things. - JK Tree source files - You know that JKTree plugin that comes with Jed? These are the source files. And in case you're wondering, JKTree organizes your project directory into the JK Gob structure (3do, mat, cog, etc. directories) - Key Master - Make simple key files for animating ships and such. - Light Fantastic - Adds a light to the center of each individual sector, or to the center of a group of multiselected sectors. Calculates range based on extents, then calculates intensity based on the type of lighting you select. - Mini Plugins - (1) Statman: Retrieves sector, surface, thing, and light counts and the count of a user-specified template. (2) CMP Fix: Sets all sector ColorMaps to the Master Colormap that is defined in the level header. (3) Mat Replace: Replaces all instances of a user-specified mat with another mat specified by the user. - Mirror Madness - Mirror a sector or group of sectors about the current surface. - MoveSC2VX - Moves the sector of a multiselected vertex to the current vertex. - Mr. Sector - Create basic polyhedra sectors with options for origin offset, scaling, and texturing. - OnPar - Export multi-selected vertices in a single sector as a particle (.par) file. - Pathfinder - Quickly create path movements for actors. - Point Extruder - Extrude a surface to a single point. - Ripper - Slices up existing surfaces by joining each edge vertex to a new center vertex. Can be used to improve surface texturing or to simulate natural rock surfaces. - SecCleave - Cleave a sector or group of multiselected sectors along a plane determined by three mutiselected vertices. - SecCleave source files - The source files for SecCleave. - Shatter - Quickly create glass surfaces at adjoins. - SkyFlagger - A Flagman specifically designed for the skies. - Stair Crazy - Create stairs by selecting those floor surfaces you wish converted into stairs. - Statter! - Displays sector, surface, thing, and light counts in a GUI Enviroment. You can also count how many instances of a certain template there are. - Thingpack - (1) MOVE2SC: Moves the current thing to the approximate center of the current sector. (2) MOVE2SF: Moves the current thing to the approximate center of the current surface. (3) ROTATE2SF: Aligns the current thing to the normal of the current surface. - TransSectoral - Creates an external mold of a sector by creating additional sectors at the surfaces. A good companion for Go Rotate when making domed buildings. - Vinkel - Runs trough all surfaces in your level and if it finds a surface with a slope below a user definied angle it will floor flag it. - Vinkel source files - Source files for Vinkel. - Water Works - Quickly create underwater sectors by selecting a water surface for each sector.