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Both JK and MotS

File Description Author
AI - MP Enemy Generator Generates enemies in multiplayer. Does not synch them. Fantom117A
AI - Synched Version 0.5 of Synchronized AI for MP JK/MotS. Nightmare
Door - BTS One-Way Door (C/S) The door will only open if the player is in a certain sector. Raynar
Door - BTS Two Doors (C/S) Opens two doors at the same time. Raynar
Door - Generic Door (C/S) Generic door. Contains client and server (C/S) cogs. Code Alliance
Door - Switch Door C/S Door controlled by one switch. Contains client and server (C/S) cogs. Code Alliance
Door - Two-Switch Door (C/S) Door controlled by two switches. Contains client and server (C/S) cogs. Code Alliance
Effect - Reactor Thrust Reactor Thrust from Bespin Mining Station. LEC
Effect - Zero-G Makes designated sectors zero-g. Brakiss
Forcefield - BTS Forcefield (C/S) Sets up a forcefield using two surfaces. Raynar
Forcefield - BTS Forcefield with Switch(C/S) Same as BTS Forcefield, but can be temporarily disabled by a switch. Raynar
Forcefield - One-Way Forcefield Forcefield for team play like CTF or Infiltrate. Allows only a specified team to pass through. Pele
Glass - Breaking Glass (C/S) Breaking Glass. Contains client and server (C/S) cogs. LEC
Glass - Respawning Breaking Glass (C/S) Respawning, breakable glass. Includes server and client side cogs. Pele
Grate - BTS Slash Grate (C/S) The old grate slashing cog converted to C/S. Raynar
Misc - Counter A script that controls counters like those found in capture the flag. Heinz Högel
Misc - Invasion! Invasion! is a new mode of Capture The Flag. There are six bases in the level. Instead of taking a flag back to your base, you have to keep control of the base. This file includes the needed cogs, and a tutorial teaching you how to implement the cogs in your level. April 21, 2001 8KB Cave_Demon & EL3CTRO
Misc - Start Message Displays customizable text on level startup. Different setup then the other start message cog on this page. Tazz
Misc - P.A. System Generic cog that will output a string with the players name in it. Activated by a switch. Code Alliance
Misc - Random Map Client and server side cogs that randomize your level. The cogs randomly enable/disable adjoins and powerup locations. Check out The First Random Map, the first level to use these cogs. Dark Luke
Misc - Random Respawn Randomizes the respawn locations of defined pickups in multiplayer. Nightmare
Misc - Showdown Pack COGs designed to work with the original Showdown, they each provide a new experience for the game of Jedi Knight. See included text file for a complete description of the pack. Arby, Maheda and Hideki
Misc - Start Message Shows customizable text when a player enters a multiplayer game. Tazz
Trap - BTS Det Trap with Camera (C/S) Same as BTS Det Trap but also changes the camera. Raynar
Trap - Detonator Trap C/S Detonator trap. Contains client and server (C/S) cogs. Code Alliance
Trap - Lightning Trap Lightning Trap from Canyon Oasis. LEC
Trap - Mine Trap Generates mines at ghost positions. Unknown
Trap - Rail Det Trap Works like the turret trap in Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal, but fires rail dets. Vader130
Trap - Template Trap Generates a weapon template of your choice at ghost positions. Red
Trap - Ten Thermal Dets C/S cog that releases thermal detonators at ten ghost positions. Rob
Trap - Thrust Trap C/S Reactor thrust trap. Contains client and server (C/S) cogs. Code Alliance
Trap - Turret Trap Turret trap from Nar Shaadaa Loading Terminal. LEC

JK Only

File Description Author

MotS Only

File Description Author
Self Destruct A switch activates a timer and sfx that when triggered kill all actors and players in any of 10 sectors. Displays who activated the timer. Has support for external effects through a trigger, allowing synching with other cogs. Included is a demo level, and another cog to kill all players, instead of just ones in 10 sectors. Flaming Monkey Trooper