New Sounds for Jedi Knight

Author: EvanC

In this tutorial we will change the sound of a stormtrooper. You will need a gob/ungob program (like ConMan from the Code Alliance and a sound recording program (not the Windows Sound Recorder--it doesn't work).

Open your gob program and open the file res2.gob. Go to the directory misc\snd and then export the file st.snd into your project directory. Now you can create your sound. It is a standard windows .wav file recorded at 11KHz mono. Don't use Windows Sound Recorder because JK doesn't work right with sounds recorded by it. I suggest you get a freeware program from somewhere like Once that's done you can open up st.snd with Notepad.

Here is the structure of the SND file:

help        I00S114Z.WAV        0x10000     # Call for reinforcements.

The first word, "help" is the situation when the sound is played. In this case it would be when the AI is in trouble.

The second word "I00S114Z.WAV" is the sound file that will be played.

Thirdly there are the sound flags, "0x10000".

Often after those words is a description of the sound file. This makes it easy to modify. On this line it is "Call for reinforcements". Because of the file descriptions it should be easy to figure out what each of your sounds needs to be like.

Once you have made your sounds go through and change the file names on each line into your file names.

Put the snd file and all the wavs into your project directory and then gob it up and run the level. All the custom wavs also need to go in too. When you run the level the stormtroopers will now use your sounds.

If you want to modify the players SND file it is called ky.snd