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Finding Skin Palette Problems With JED

Author: Red

Note: This tutorial assumes that the author has general skinning skills and just a smidgen of JED skills.

Lately I've noticed several pallet problems in Jedi Knight Skin. What does a pallet Problem do? Check out these Leia's:

1) 2)

Notice how her dress shade changes. This is because each Color Map changes a select few colors in its palette (someday I'll make a list of these and send it in). In the most drastic case (a level with a dflt.cmp) these colors that change would be neon pink (Ouch!). That's why it's a good idea to check for these.

  1. Open JED
  2. Hit File -> Save As and Save it (as Untitled.JED) to the directory with all you mats.
  3. Click the Surface button () on the top menu bar.
  4. Click Tools -> Item Editor
  5. Double Click +MATERIAL
  6. Click on Project Directory (upper left hand) and scroll down your mat list. If you see something like this in your lower left hand side: you have a problem :-)
    That is what your lovely skin would look like in a level with the -- see why we fix that?
  7. Just re-edit your mat -- trying to get rid of the bad color. And then repeat the checking process.

Happy Hunting :-) I'll get the pallet done if I have a free day (and I'll send it to Massassi)

~ Red