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CTF (Capture The Flag) is a incredible composition of complex COG work and level design. CTF can be very easy to install, however it can also be painstaking work if you have never had experience with it. I hope this tutor will help you. Some of the terms that I am going to use may be a little bit more advanced since this tutor was not written for a novice editor. Enough of that, on to how to make CTF.

The problem I had with CTF was how to place the things. You must have the "Thing Placement" in the "JKL" file in correct order.

Here is the correct "Thing Placement" for CTF to work correctly. (Note: The terms that I use will be explained later, and I've used "Thing Numbers" 1 - 46 in in my chart.

Thing Number Thing Name ThingFlags Notes
1: ctf_redflag 0X400
2: ctf_redflag 0X400
3: ghost None This is where the flag is spawned back to if it was captured or a player was killed with it. Red Teams.
4: ghost None Same as above but for Gold Team
5 - 12: ghost None These are the start points for the red team when entering the game.
13 - 20: ghost None Same as above but for the Gold Team.
21 - 28: Walkplayer 0X20080501 Red Teams player start points after entering the CTF enviroment.
29 - 36: Walkplayer 0X20080501 Same as above but for the gold team.
37 - 44: Walkplayer 0X20080501 These are the player points which are used when entering the game.
45: ghost None Used in CTF_SAFEENTY.COG to teleport a player back if there is too much lag. More on this later. Red Team.
46: ghost None Same as above. Gold Team.

Ok now that I have shown you the correct order in which "Things" should be placed. I will now go on to installing CTF, which will use my definitions of things above within it.

Now I will add the appropriate thing values of what they should be in your placed COG which is CTF_MAIN.COG.

Value Thing Number
Flag_Red 1
Flag_Gold 2
Flag_Ghost_Red 3
Flag_Ghost_Gold 4
Start_Room Explain Later
Mark_Red Explain Later
Mark_Gold Explain Later
These are surface values used for setting the score limit. I know how to use these but I have been unable to display the texture correctly it always ends up like if you were holding up say the letter "B" and looking in the mirror at it completly ass-backwards. If you can figure this out please let me know.
Score_Dislay_Cog Not to sure what this is for.
Red_Start 5
Red_Start1 6
Red_Start2 7
Red_Start3 8
Red_Start4 9
Red_Start5 10
Red_Start6 11
Red_Start7 12
Gold_Start 13
Gold_Start1 14
Gold_Start2 15
Gold_Start3 16
Gold_Start4 17
Gold_Start5 18
Gold_Start6 19
Gold_Start7 20

Don't worry about the last 4. Same problem as with the Limits

I will now explain CTF_SAFEENTRY.COG.

Value Thing Number
Mark_Red Explain Later
Mark_Gold Explain Later
Ghost_Red 45
Ghost_Gold 46

Last COG is called CTF_RESPAWN.COG

Value Thing Number
Mark_Red Explain Later
Mark_Gold Explain Later

Now the format of the level will be explian using a simplistic level with the basic components needs for a CTF level to work correctly.

(i) This is your start sector so get the sectors number and put that into the CTF_MAIN.COG where it says Start_Room. The things that are present in this sector are things 37 - 44 these are the inital start places for players.

(ii) This is defined in CTF_SAFEENTRY.COG under the value of Mark_Red. So get the value of the sector and input it under the Mark_Red value. This is important to the game because if lag is to great and you are not teleported into the game with your color it will put you back infront of the team select sector.

(iii) This is the Ghost_Red value in the CTF_SAFEENTRY.COG mark the thing number under that value.

(iiii) This sector has two functions. The first is Mark_Red in the CTF_MAIN.COG. the second function is for CTF_RESPAWN.COG which the sectors value is placed again in the Mark_Red.

(iiiii) Same as (ii) but for the Gold team.

(iiiiii) Same as (iii) but for the gold team.

(iiiiiii) Same as (iiii) but for the gold team.

Ok now that all this values are entered and if you have done this correctly your CTF should work.

Now for a explanation of the mechanics.

The CTF_MAIN.COG designates the Walkplayers from 37 - 44 as the start players thats why you must define a start sector.

Next a player has entered a game and he/she decides to goto the Red team so they enter the Mark_Red sector or (iiii) as I have defined above and then the CTF_RESPAWN.COG chooses a random start point using the ghost things 5 - 12. Say a player does not enter the game correctly the CTF_SAFEENTRY.COG teleports the play back to the Ghost_Red thing so he can try to enter again.

Thats it except for when a player dies the CTF_MAIN.COG has a internal code which is not defined to Respawn players from Walkplayer 29 - 36 for Red Team and 37 - 44 for Gold Team.

Questions or Comments, feel free to ask: Pot-Head