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Force Fields

Author: GMS_Slug

You'll need a gob extractor for this one. I suggest conman available from the programs section. Yes, there are some forcefield cogs that don't require extraction, but they're not worth anyone's time.

  1. Extract 10_ffieldswitch.cog from jk1.gob in the Jediknight\episode directory. There are a few others you can use too, but in my opinion, 10_ffieldswitch is the best...It allows textures to be displayed when hit (other forcefields can only handle a solid color .mat) and the switch can be activated by gunfire as well as regular activation with the spacebar. There are others you can use, experiment if you like, they all work the same (some may require a little different info then others, but nothing confusing once you figure out 10_ffieldswitch) 00forcefield.cog doesn't have a switch, so you probably won't want that one..

  2. Put it in your project directory. If you don't have one, make one. The project directory, in case you don't know, is simply where your .jed and .\~je files are.

  3. Open up JED and extrude one side of the default sector (this will make the adjoin that the force field will be applied to)

  4. Note the numbers of both surfaces that make up the adjoin.

  5. Now to make the switch.. Just cleave a little 0.1x0.1 square on another wall. Oh, and in a level that you're going to release, all you switches should be indented into the wall a little. (don't take the time to do it right now, this level will never be released to the public.. at least I hope not) It doesn't impact the game, but a switch on a flat wall just looks like it was painted on. Note the number of the surface that will act as your switch.

  6. Ok, if you made a project directory for this, you'll have to save the .jed before you proceed. (otherwise, JED won't recognize that you have a project directory, and you won't be able to choose 10_ffieldswitch.cog from "Placed Cogs") Go to the "tools" menu and click on "Placed Cogs," then go to "Add Cog," and then "Project Directory".. Select 10_ffieldswitch.cog. It will ask for the following values..

    switch (surface) This is simply the surface acting as your switch. Sector first then surface.. A switch on sector 0, surface 3 would look like 0 3 (note the space in between them) in "Placed Cogs"
    These are the surfaces that make up the adjoin. Enter the numbers the same way you entered them for the switch surface.
    These are the maximum and minimum amounts of damage a player can take by hitting the forcefield. The actual amount of damage is a random number between the mindamage and maxdamage.
  7. Textures. Well, if you're using 10_ffieldswitch, you can use any texture your heart desires, as long as it's not a single color mat.. As near as I can tell, 10_ffieldswitch will not support solid color mats.. However, most textures look ridiculously stupid as a forcefield. A safe bet would be 00wwarny or 00wwarnr. They're caution textures (like that yellow and black striped tape they put up near construction sites) Just make sure that both sides of the adjoin have the same texture.

  8. Save and test. If you've done everything correctly, you've got yourself a nice little forcefield.. Hooray!