Doors (Switch Doors)

Author: JM

This tutorial will teach you about entity scripting, how to make those nice animated switches, and, of course, how to build a door powered by a switch!

Tools needed: GTKRadiant

  1. Build the doorway (and the door). This is fairly straightforward. Just build the wall, with a hole in it, where the door is.
  2. Right click your door, and make it a func_door. Press N, and click the 'up' button. Then give it a key 'target' with a value of 'door01_switch'. Give it a 'closetarget' with the same value as 'target'. Finally, give it a 'soundset' key with a value of 'impdoor1'.
  3. Create a brush to be the basic button. This is done in exactly the same manner as in my previous elevator tutorial. Stick it in the wall, or embed it, whatever you like. Right-click it and make it a func_usable. Press N and give it a key 'targetname' with the value 'door01_switch'. Texture it with a switch_off texture such as kejim/lift_off.
  4. Clone it, and texture it with a switch_on texture such as kejim/lift_on. Position it exactly where the original switch is. Then press N, and click the 'start off' spawn flag.
  5. Using the caulk texture, create a brush the same size as the switch and position it immediatly in front of the switch. Set your grid size to 2, and make the brush as thin as possible. It should be right up against the switch, in front of it. This is the actual switch, not just for show like the others. Right-click this super thing brush and make it a func_static.
  6. Create a target_speaker near your door and switches. Press N, and click the 'sound' button. If you have unpacked the contents of assets0.pk3, you can browse for a sound file. Otherwise, you have to do it the hard way. Add a key 'noise' with a value of 'sound/movers/switches/switch1.mp3'. This is the basic activation noise.
  7. Select the caulk thing, then select your target_speaker. Make sure you select them in that order! Press Ctrl+K to link them.
  8. Select the caulky thingermajig again and the door, in that order, and link them.
  9. Select just the caulk brush, press N, and give it the spawn flags 'f_push', 'f_pull', and 'player_use'.

All done! The player can activate this switch many ways. They can walk up to it and press 'use', or they can force push or pull it from a distance. When the player activates the switch, it fires the speaker and the door. When the door first starts to open, it fires the switches. It fires them again when it closes. The switches, when fired, switch their 'on' state. A func_usable dissapears when it is off and reappears when it turns back on. The switch that is on dissapears, and the one that is off appears, effectively switching the texture. Move the target_speaker near the switch, so it sounds like the sound is coming from the right spot.

If you want to create more buttons, be carefull cloning the switches! This will reset all the spawn flags, and you will have to set them again. Linking with Ctrl+K also resets spawn flags; that is why you set them AFTER you linked the func_static to the door and speaker. You will note that simply targeting something at the door will open it AND flip the switches! It will even play the sound where the switches are.

In my little map, I have a door with TWO switches.