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Locked Doors

Author: REZ

OK, before I start this tutorial theres somthing I'd like to say, use locked doors sparingly in your SP levels. Think of other ideas for puzzles besides locked doors, as they're boring puzzles, but they do give a new objective for the player. I'm going to assume you have basic knowledge of JED and you know how to make doors. OK that said lets get to the tutorial.

Here we have our default JED box, lets start by cleaving a hall. Cleave it out like so:

Now extrude it:

OK now we have a basic hall. Put in door using the door tutorial.In the end it should look something like this:

Instead of using 00_Door.cog use 00_DoorKey.cog by going to placed cogs... add cog... 00_DoorKey.cog. We have some values to place in the cog.

OK what do these values Mean:
Door 0-3: These are the door things the cog uses. *Note, if you put other values for doors other than Door0, then when one opens they all will open.

Movespeed: the speed the door moves (higher is faster)

Sleeptime: How long the door stays open.

LightValue: How much extra light is added. (Leave this value alone)

Key: the key color needed to open the door. Put a 0 for red 1 for blue and 2 for yellow.

Wav0: The locked sound for the door. (Leave this alone)

Fill in the appropriate values. Here are mine:

OK now add a key. Sense I chose 1, Blue, I'll add a blue key. To do this I press insert in item mode and chose KeyBlue. It should look something like this in JED:

Now if you saved and gobbed your key door would work, But look what happens when you try to open the door with no key:

How do we fix this? Quite simple really and we will have to add something called level text to do this press F8. Click edit strings. You will see this:

OK all you have to do is type COG_01001 in the Key Box and Locked! in the String Box. Like so:

Now press add/Update. Exit the string editor. Press update and then save in the episode editor and exit. MAKE SURE YOU SAVE YOUR EPISODE. Note how you character says LOCKED! instead of COG_01001. You could make him say anything. All Done! Here are a few working pics:

Copyright 1999 REZ and the Massassi Temple.
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