Multi-Celled MATs

Author: EvanC

This will teach you how to make multi-celled mats. A multi-celled mat is one like a switch that has 2 different pictures on one mat. When you activate a switch it goes to it's second cell so it looks like a button has been pushed, or a switch has been thrown. Here is what you do. Create 2 bmp files. They should be equal in size and shape and pallette file. Save one as yourname1.bmp and they other as yourname2.bmp

Now, open up notepad and create a file like this:

FILENAME: C:\path\test.mat


The first line just says that this is a mat master script. The second line is a path for where the mat will be created. The next line after the space tells the program how many pictures(cells) are in the mat. Below it is a list of the pictures in it. Save this file as yourname.mtm

Now, open up MatMaster (available in the programs section ) and then click the button "compile MTM to MAT" and then click on the first button next to the box "input file name" Open up yourname.mtm, select colourmap options and then click convert. You have a multi-celled mat.

Evan C