Note: This is an old page that has been updated/formatted, you can view the original here.

Pong Tutorial

Author: Mike "LikWid" Watson

Before you try making a pong level, you should have a decent amount experience with jed- you should know how to add templates, place cogs, set frames for objects, and the like.

Download this first!

This contains all the files necessary to make a pong level: the COG files, the new templates, etc.

Note that even if you have the original "For" you should download this, because the cogs have been updated and are now much easier to work with.

1. Structural requirements for a pong level:

2. Item requirements for a pong level:

Once you have your level built the way you want it, you should start adding the items. Here is how you'll need the items set up.

3. Setting up PONG_MAIN:

Now that you have all the sectors, surfaces and things set up correctly, it's time to start assigning these values in the actual pong game.

For this part, you need to get the Pong cogs. These are available in the zip at the top of the tutorial- they've been cleaned up a bit from the ones in the original release, so they're easier to set up. Stick those cogs into your project directory and then, using the "Placed cogs" window in JED (F7) place those cogs into the level. Now, select the first cog, pong_main.cog, and let's start assigning those values.


Ok, that wasn't so hard, now was it? We're now ready to move on to Pong_Safeentry.cog. This one's a lot easier than the last.

5. Setting up PONG_RESPAWN.COG

Ok, and now onto the last cog, Pong_Respawn. If you have exactly 8 sectors inside each of your control rooms, proceed with this section. If you have more or less than 8 sectors in the control rooms, go down to the next section, entitled "THE HARD WAY".



For all of you who chose to be more creative with your levels, you'll have to do a little more work. Don't worry, this won't be all that difficult. First determine how many sectors there are in each of your control rooms. Now open up pong_respawn.cog in notepad, and find the section that looks like this:

Now add to that list so there are the right number of sectors for the red control room. Let's say you have 13 sectors instead of 8- when you're done it should look like this:

Now find the section that looks like this:

And do the same, add the number of sectors so it's the same as in gold's control room. Once again we'll go with the number 13.

Now that you've done that, scroll down to the section that looks like this:

And change it so it has the right number of sectors for red and gold, and looks like this:

Then do the same for each of these:

So they look like this:

Now save it, go back to the placed cogs section and set Red1-Red13 and Gold1-Gold13 to the sectors which make up your control centers for red and gold.


Ok, set up your episode.jk and cogstrings.uni like with any other level, then paste this into cogstrings.uni:

"COG_01001" 0 "Welcome to Jedi Knight Pong! Programmed by LikWid"
"COG_01002" 0 "The Gold Player has won!"
"COG_01003" 0 "The Red Player has won!"
"COG_01004" 0 "The game is over."
"COG_01005" 0 "The other player has left the game."
"COG_01006" 0 "Unfriendly Mode"
"COG_01007" 0 "Time Limit = "
"COG_01008" 0 "Score Limit = "
"COG_01010" 0 "Gold Scored!"
"COG_01012" 0 "Red Scored!"
"COG_01019" 0 " has "
"COG_01020" 0 " point."
"COG_01021" 0 " points."
"COG_01022" 0 " "
"COG_01025" 0 "The Red player has requested to end the game."
"COG_01026" 0 "The Gold player has requested to end the game."
"COG_01027" 0 "The game was called on account of something."

and update the message count.

Okay, you're done! Now go save your JKL and go test out the level... if you've done everything just as I said, it should work!