Ramps: Part 2

Author: Brian Lozier

It is recommended that you work through the first Ramps Tutorial. We will begin here using the following project that I suggested saving in the last half:

Note: this is before the bottom cleaved sector was deleted!

Another thing, for this tutorial, since there are more precise cleaves required, I have switched the grid dots to 0.1, and the snap to 0.1. As I just said, this will allow you make more precise cleaves.

  1. The first step in this tutorial is to cleave the bottom cleaved sector (the one selected above) just below the original cleave, like illustrated below.

  2. Now making sure the SECTOR shown above is highlighed, switch to the top view using [shift+1].

  3. You will notice that the sector now looks square, but remember, it is slanted upwards, you just can't see it from this view.

  4. Now it's time to make 2 cleaves, creating a ramp in the center of your room, going up. Follow the diagram below to see where to make the cleaves. I suggest switching back and forth between side and top view to make sure you have the correct sectors selected before cleaving!

    Note: if you did it correctly, your side view should still look like this:

  5. Now, almost done already! Make sure the sector below is highlighted, and delete it!

  6. Below is the finished product, textured for clarity of course: