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Regenerating Glass

Author: PC_McCloud

Also Reference Breaking Glass By Executor

This is a how to make Regenrating Glass and Basic Client/Server .cog Tutorial

Things Needed :

Regenerating "Breaking Glass (C/S)" By Pele

  1. Fire up JED and start a New JK / MotS Project with the Defult sector slected Cleave it as I have just about in half like so..

  1. Now select one of the surface to be your Glass and Select the .mat you would like ...

In Jedi Knight :

In MotS :

There are many mats that make Good Subs for the Glass mats tha give it a little diffrent look So experment with the mats..

Now you need to Change some on the Serface Properties

  1. The "+GEO" needs to beed changed from "0" to "4" this is so you can see the Glass (See Image #2 Below)
  2. The "+ADJOIN FLAGS" needs to be set from "7" to "5" (See Image #3 Below)
  3. If you want to see Past "Transparten" you Can Set the "+FACE FLAGS" to "2" (See Image #4 Below)
( +GEO ) settings ( +ADJOIN FLAGS) settings ( +FACE FLAGS ) settings
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  1. Now after cleaving and setting up the serfaces you need to save your project ans Place the "bcc.cog" & "bcs.cog" in to your Poject Directory

  1. After saving you need project press "F7" and "Add Cog" on the left of the window click on the "Project Directory" and add Both "bcc.cog" & "bcs.cog" the Server .cog is the where you add in your Serface infomation Imput in to "Glass (serface)" your first serface you want to be glass add in the serface with a space in the middle like so "0 5". do the same for the other Glass serface and put it in to "Glass2 (Serface)" as i have done .. Don't mess with the "spawnpoints" or "density" for now

For me my Serfaces were "0 5" and "1 5" See how I placed the Serface information in to the "bcs.cog". There is No information to imput in to the Client Cog "bcc.cog" for it to work properly you MUST have it. One Client Cog can Handle the Operation of more then one Server Cog, So if you wish to add more then glass serface all you to add in another Server Cog. The Client Cog will work for all the Glass serfaces in your level.

Now that you have compleated all the Steps above Save and Test your level if you compleated them Properly you will have Glass the Brakes when you Shoot it and Respawns after 60 Seconds

Good Luck and Happy Glass Shooting :-)
By PC_McCloud