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Saber Handles

How to make new Saber Handles

By: (V)eRLiN

Ok, this is my first tutor so bare with me hehe. If you do have any problems understanding what I'm talking about just e-mail me.

Tools you will need...

Ok first off open Conman/Gobex then open Res2.gob ( it is in your jedi knight/resource directory in case you didn't know ) then go to the cog directory. Then scroll down to the weap_saber.cog and extract it to your desktop. Then go back and look at the 3do directory and write down some of the cool names you see or just ones you want to write down.
ex: yundead.3do

Ok next go to notepad and look at weap_saber.cog and scroll down till you see:

model povModel=sabv.3do local  
model saberMesh=sabg.3do local  

and change it to

model povModel=yundead.3do local  
model saberMesh=yundead.3do local  

or whatever 3do you wrote down. Now save the file and make a folder in your jk/resource directory called cog. Now but the cog you just edited into that folder and play a game and check out your new handle. This will work for MP as well as SP.

Ok well if you have any problems with this e-mail me and I will fix what ever it is that needs to be.