Creating New Weapons
Author: SavageX

Note: This is an htmlized version - if you would like, feel free to download the original Microsoft Word version.

Tools needed: Step 1: making a fist/hand shape for JED
Step 2: making a weapon powerup
Step 3: making an external mesh
Step 4: making a internal mesh

Note: Do NOT skip a step for each step is need to complete the gun making process.

Step 1: making a fist/hand shape for JED
To first start out, first, open JED. Go to your Map settings (F4), go to "Grid" settings, and set your "Snap every" to 0.00125. Then go to "Other" and Set your "3D preview step" to 0.05.

Now go to import and import the fistg.3do from the Jedi Knight's (or MotS) res2.gob (or for MotS). Once you've done that, export the 3do as a new shape in JED's shape section. Name it as fist (or hand) so you know what shape it is.

The Reason why you making a hand shape is because you'll need it for Step 3.
Step 2: making a weapon powerup
Make sure you just completed step 1 before doing this step.

Now onto making you gun! To start, start a new project in JED. When you have it all set, select the walkplayer (thing). Now depending on what weapon you wanna make, turn the walkplayer (thing) into a existing weapon powerup (I.E. if you are making a pistol, use "bryarpistol". If you are making a stormtrooper size weapon, use "strifle".) This should help you scale your gun properly. Now, zoom in on the power up (thing). Make sure the powerup is yaw, pitch, and roll are set at 0 before preceeding. Now build you weapon around the powerup BUT do not go into 3D preview yet. Don't forget to set the flags of you weapon (the sectors) as 80000000 (or select the "preview as 3do"). Once you have the basic shape right, multiselect the weapon (the sectors) and change the layer to "K_RHAND". Go into map settings and hide the layer0 so that the powerup (thing) will disappear.

Now go into 3D preview. As you see, your new weapon is covered in "dflt.mat" texture. All you have to do now is texture it. Once you put on the textures (make sure you don't use more than 9 textures so you can do step 4), selsect the sector on the gun (if it has more than one sector) to where you want the center to be (where x, y, and z meet) and then export you thing as "namep.3do" (where it says name, put your weapon's name in there. Don't forget the "p" after the name since your making a powerup of the gun).

Don't close JED just yet because it is time for step 3 ...
Step 3: making an external mesh
Make sure you just completed step 1 and step 2 before doing this step.

Now that you have made the powerup, it is time to make the external mesh. Multiselect your weapon (the sectors) and then open your tools box (F9). Rotate you weapon 90 degrees on the X axis. This should have you gun facing downward. Now, go to the Map settings (F4), go to "Shapes", and select you fist shape you made in Step 1. Now use the "K" command and make a tiny little box with you mouse that is smaller than 0.2. Since JED can't make a shape smaller the 0.2, the shape of the fist will be the size you export it from. Now, multiselect the faces on the hand (Cool trick: select the sector (the hand) and press the spacebar to multi select it. Then press "F" to switch to surface mode and all the faces of the sector will be selected! Cool huh?) Set the surface's U and V scale to 4. This will make the textures fit the hand. If you notice, the "kyhandf.mat" texture on the hand is off. Go to that surfaces info (press enter key), go to the "SURF FLAGS" and click the "texture flip" box. This will make the hand flip into the correct postion. Now, move you fist to where you want it on the the gun (must likely the guns handle) and then multiselect all the sectors. Select the hand (so that the center will be at the hand) and then export it as "nameg.3do" (don't forget the "g" since this gun is a external mesh.)

Now that the external is completed, lets make the internal mesh!

Don't close JED just yet because it is time for step 3 ...
Step 4: making a internal mesh
Make sure you just completed step 1, step 2, and step 3 before doing this step.

Now this step is gonna get a little hard because you going to use wordpad to make this 3do, Don't worry, you not going to make a whole 3do with wordpad, just a little cut and pasting. Make sure you have the temp.3do that I included in the tutorial before preceeding.

Now, delete the hand mesh (the sector) from you weapon. Multiselect the weapon (the sectors) and change the layer to "K_WEAPON". Now export the gun as "name.3do" (There is no letter after the name because your gonna to delete this file after the step).

Now exit JED and fire up Wordpad. Open the temp.3do. Now open the 3do you just exported in a seperate wordpad. Copy the textures that you have used in the weapon 3do and paste them over the ones is the temp.3do BUT don't paste them over the textures under 9-15 -- you need those for your hand meshes. Once you have done that, go down to the temp.3do's "K_WEAPON" mesh (hint: use the find command to find this). Now switch back to the 3do you made and find it's "K_WEAPON" mesh. Now simple copy all the the mesh's info and then paste them over the temp's "K_WEAPON" mesh. Now save your file as "namev.3do" (the v is for point of view which is the internal mesh). Don't close you new file yet.

Now open Puppet JED. Open you new 3do. Is it aligned right? Are the textures properly on it? If you gun is off a bit, go back into you 3do (namev.3do) and go to the bottem where it says "SECTION: HIERARCHYDEF" and find "K_WEAPON". now just enter in the right numbers into the x, y, and z to move it. Reload it into Puppet JED to see if you numbers made it move right. if it didn't, just do it again until you've got it in place. Now go ahead and load key files into Puppet JED and see if the 3do move correctly with the keys

Yahhoo!! You did it! You made your new gun! That wasn't to hard was it?
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