Shellfish Stairs

Author: GrndAdmThrawn

This tutorial is about Shellfish Stairs, theyre similar to spiral stairs with couple important difference, one end is biger than the other end. EX. the top part is small but after a couple steps it get biger, aka wider and wider, if you don't get it, take a look at the two pictures below it shows the stairs fairly good. This stair has some good appication like for royal palances it could start small at like the royal room the spiral a floor and at the bottom it would be an decent size like maybe upward of 4 or more times larger than the top one, width wise I mean.

s1.jpg (13239 bytes)s2.jpg (15345 bytes)

Excuse the funky lighting, I put em in there for the heck of it.  Well let's get to the tutorial.

First thing we got to do is to cut down that default JED box that JED hands to us when we starts up.

1.jpg (26488 bytes)2.jpg (23046 bytes)

Then after resized the default JED box down to a more reasonable size we will cleave it in half dialonly wise, then extrude the the surface that is red in the following picture by about 0.2 JK units.  (if not clear egough see the following pictures)

3.jpg (23019 bytes)

Next we cleave that surface we extruded again in half dialongly wise and repeat that patten a few time.

4.jpg (20769 bytes)

5.jpg (21089 bytes)

Here's the result of extruding and cleaving it in half dialongly wise \/ \/

6.jpg (23360 bytes)

Ok, now to actually make the steps.  First thing to do is to choice the largest sector you got and cleave off 0.5 JK unit off the bottom of the sector (if not clear egough see the following pictures)

7.jpg (23983 bytes)

8.jpg (26240 bytes)

Now delete that sector that you just cut, not the big one but the smaller one.

Repeat that patten and cleave it about 0.5 higher than the previous one.

9.jpg (28052 bytes)

Keep on cleaveing and deleteing untill you get this result.

10.jpg (30235 bytes)

There youre done with that Shellfish stair.  Now texture it and save it to a gob file and put it in the episode directory in your local JK or MotS folder and enjoy the new Shellfish stair you just made.