Single Player Force Powers

Author: Michael Chastant (MikeC)

Adding force powers to a single player level is a two step process:

1. In the Episode Editor in Jed look under "Create Startup Cog". Select the Jedi rank you want for your character and create the startup cog. This sets what force powers and how many stars are available to your character.

2. Open the startup cog in your favorite text editor. At the end of the cog you will see a section that reads:


// Force ranking

SetInv(player, 20, 5);

SetInv(player, 14, 4\*50);




In this example it specifies a Jedi rank of 5 (Charge). Directly below the line that reads SetInv(player, 14, 4\50); add lines saying

SetInv(player, 21, 2.0);

SetInvAvailable(player, 21, 1);

The first number in both lines is the bin number for the force power you want to add. The second number in the first line represents the number of stars given to that force power. In this case 2 stars are given to bin 21, which is Force Jump. Add these lines for each force power you want the player to have. Only force powers available to that force ranking can be given, just as with multi player characters. The total number of stars available is also the same as for a multi player character of the same level and the most stars that can be given to any force power is 4.

Here is a list of the bin numbers and the force powers they represent.

Force Jump 21 Force Absorb 28
Force Speed 22 Force Protection 29
Force Seeing 23 Force Throw 30
Force Pull 24 Force Grip 31
Force Healing 25 Force Lightning 32
Force Persuasion 26 Force Destruction 33
Force Blinding 27 Force Deadly Sight 34

For Mysteries of the Sith some of the additional bin numbers are:

Force Far Sight 35 Force Push 38
Force Projection 36 Force Chain-Lightning 39
Force Saber Throw 37