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Texture FAQ

Author: Rosebud

Q: How do I add highlights and shadows correctly?

A: For highlights and shadows just make a new layer. Use the spraycan on a very low opacity and spray over with either black or white where you want the shadow to be. If you want a shadow, use black and set the layer to multiply or color burn (50%). For highlights, color dodge (75%). They should be located in a position relative to where the supposed lightsource is, and the light source, as well as the length of the protrusion determine the size of the highlight/shadow.

Q: Where can I find good tutorials and such for beginners?

A: Try the Photoshop Workshop. (Note: site is defunct, use google to search for photoshop tutorials).

Q: For say, rock, I know how to make the basic rock by simply using airbrushes and stuff, but how does one create all the cracks and detailed crevices?

A: You can either use texture overlays, modifying the textures saturation, brightness, etc, or you can draw the black cracks, set the layer to overlay, duplicate the layer, invert the brightness, and then offset by 1x1.

Q: For texture overlays, my photoshop only has like 4 crappy ones. Where can I find new ones or make better ones?

A: No, don't use ones from photoshop or psp. Use photos, or make your own, or get other people's. The three best ones that I've found are located in these places:

Q: For photo-realistic stuff, like texture overlays, they normally wouldn't tile very well. How do I make something so detailed tile without big blur spots?

A: Offset the image by half its dimensions. Use the clone tool to go over the edges.

Q: This question really isn't related, but how does it feel to be the master of MATs that everyone looks up to?

A: No comment.

Q: Is Photoshop 5.5 or 6 better?

A: I've never used 6, but everyone else claims that 5.5 is the best version so far.

Q: How come after I've made a texture it always looks too blurred, and when i sharpen it, it looks too sharp?

A: Use harder brushes to draw. I don't like sharpening. It's a pain in the ass to do correctly. Don't blur things to heavily, either.

Q: What do you do to add a dirty look to a texture?

A: Make a brown base. Then use the airbrush with a small brush head and draw circles. Do this over and over until you get a lumpy pattern. Add a gaussian noise of 5. Duplicate layer. Desaturate. Emboss on a low setting. Set layer to overlay. Adjust color/brightnesses until it looks the way you want. Photo overlays are also good.

Q: What steps do you take to make a texture tile properly?

A: To make a texture tile properly, offset each layer by half of the image's dimensions, ie you offset a 256x256 image by 128x128. Then you use the clone tool to blend the seams out. You could also draw things over the seams.

Q: How do you make rust?

A: Pretty much the same method as dirt, only you use a wider rane of colors, such as red, brown, and orange.

Q: Do you use any custom brushes, and if so, from where?

A: Yes, I do. However, I obtained them a while ago, and I don't remember where I got them.

Q: Do you use any plugins?

A: I use a few of the default plugins that come with Photoshop, and a few custom filters such as Eye Candy 4000 and Xenofex to get effects that it would be too tedious to do out by hand.

Q: Where do you get inspiration for your textures?

A: Sometimes pictures, sometimes places I've visted, and sometimes from other games in an attempt to prove myself. Most of the time it's just randomly doodling until something forms, however.

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