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This level takes place in a darkened laser tag arena. Ideal for large teams. Start room has a window which overlooks the playing arena. Includes new background music. This is my first level so feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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Download: Laser Tag CTF
File Size: 1.1Megs
Date: 08/03/00
Author: Otterbine Barebo
Downloads: 2474


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 6
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MorrisPlytePosted: 08/03/00 19:25   Report Abuse
Nifty! The only thing I could actually suggest to top this off would be perhaps new skins with the familiar Laser Tag vests. Once again, just shooting off my mind. Kudos on the awesome level. (Make more.)


KirKanos_BHGPosted: 08/04/00 09:00   Report Abuse
the red lighting looks damn good, i havent downloaded it yet but what colour is the laser????


SidusPosted: 08/05/00 00:40   Report Abuse
Interesting level... It's actually rather fun, but I would have preferred some guns in it (but I suppose that wouldn't really fit the Lazer Tag theme...). Thanks for making a CTF level, and keep on that track! It's the right way to go! :D


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 08/17/00 22:14   Report Abuse
Red lighting? That's not red lighting, that's sector tint!


Big_Al_MPosted: 08/27/00 13:06   Report Abuse
Whats CTF stand for?


hPosted: 09/03/00 20:36   Report Abuse
CTF stands for capture the flag!!


cimmy_2000Posted: 09/04/00 20:47   Report Abuse
i was just about to ask the same thing


HeroPosted: 10/30/00 18:29   Report Abuse
If this is the same lazer tag i played, it was pretty neato keeno. I look forward to more variety in jk game play.


MormegilPosted: 11/10/00 02:52   Report Abuse
I don't think it's sector tint - it's just a red and yellow cmp


DSettahrPosted: 12/05/00 19:19   Report Abuse
I disagree- its sector tint. If it was cmp usage, then each side would appear to be its original color even when a player is located on the other side. But because it changes suddenly, it must be tint.


Andrew7781Posted: 12/19/00 00:29   Report Abuse
How hard is it to make a CTF? Isn't it really hard?


Grumpy {TF}Posted: 01/25/01 15:30   Report Abuse
Good level, i like it!!
All i have to say is:

Woohoo another CTF level! Yay! Woohoo!


DakkonPosted: 04/01/01 16:32   Report Abuse
Nice level, but HOW did you get the music? I know what game it comes from, tetris, but how did you convert the .dxs sound files to wavs? I am doing the same thing for my level, only different music.


AR_LTC_KnightPosted: 06/03/01 12:20   Report Abuse
I defanitly like the level. However you could have made it a little bigger because the bases are just about right next to eachother making it easier to get to the opponents flag. Otherwise it is a pretty good level.


Force master2Posted: 08/23/01 17:32   Report Abuse
only thing thats missing is the packs

also can u make a guns version.


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