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Everything is now (almost) fully working... This patch includes 15 weapons (spear, flamer, plasma rifle + more). The bacta tank is back because of so much criticism, and the suicide bomb is deleted.


Level Info:

Download: Aftermath3
File Size: 1.6Megs
Date: 08/06/00
Author: Cave_Demon
Downloads: 2913


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 7
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TN_CrusaderPosted: 08/06/00 19:07   Report Abuse
No Suiside Bomb? im not getting this Version


VegetaPosted: 08/06/00 19:30   Report Abuse
This mod i must say is ok... But the first one sucked. And to the creator of this mod... "MAKE BETTER GUN MODELS!!". Thank you and enjoy your game.


SF_COJM_dail1Posted: 08/07/00 09:55   Report Abuse
In the first mod the gat didnt work i hope this changed in this one.


phR3nz0Posted: 08/07/00 11:54   Report Abuse
notice how the first two people that commented have totally unoriginal and generic names? just pondering..and oh..this mod looks cool ill tell you what i think when i get it :)


SOHboaknightPosted: 08/07/00 15:00   Report Abuse
Very good, I must admit I didnt like the original, but you've really improved. But if I were you, i really would try and tweak the weapon models until they look good. try drawing some concept sketches before you start, it really helps me to make something cool. Just trying to help. (re-include the suicide bomb, that was fun in a 32 player game) hehe. later and keep up the good work


Weird_Al27Posted: 08/08/00 02:32   Report Abuse
No suicide bomb? Im getting this version!!!


DeathKowPosted: 08/08/00 05:42   Report Abuse
I had Aftermath2 and i never saw a suicide bomb. also most of the guns werent there either


Knightmare_XPosted: 08/08/00 18:23   Report Abuse
what the?!?! NO SUICIDE BOMB?!?!?!?


aGAcu_7Posted: 08/09/00 00:45   Report Abuse
Well my name is origial.... heck none of u even know what it means.... well i didnt download this patch because of all that things that have been said about it.. its just to hard to decided wether to downlaod it or not....


Dark_UnderworldPosted: 08/09/00 16:43   Report Abuse
im getting it anyway and if i like it i'll keep it if not, then it can have a nice trip to the recycle bin ;)


WAR_ArmageddonPosted: 08/09/00 18:26   Report Abuse


Jason_The_SmartPosted: 08/14/00 06:23   Report Abuse
I also never remember a suicide bomb in Aftermath 2


GURU_Saber59Posted: 08/14/00 12:29   Report Abuse
NO suiside bomb!?!?!?!?!?!?! WTF?


Jason_The_SmartPosted: 08/14/00 19:13   Report Abuse
When starting i get an error message which reads "ERR_CANNOT_LOAD_FILE ???????m???|??(I??????|????'???"


TN_CrusaderPosted: 08/16/00 13:58   Report Abuse
I guess i'll get it.


TGE_luck64_ERGPosted: 08/20/00 21:46   Report Abuse
I also get the error:( CANNOT LOAD FILE) message


Solid_SnakePosted: 08/23/00 23:28   Report Abuse
i cant get it to work where is the .Gob file???


MeEaTPeNgUiNCrApPosted: 08/31/00 02:32   Report Abuse
this mod looks tite, but it sux! i cant even load it....i get an error that looks like this:



KikkailijaPosted: 09/01/00 12:11   Report Abuse
What's wrong with you guys???
This mod is just perfect,some mods are not compatible with your computer...I can't get Spork work at my computer,so it's not authors fault,maybe you attack to author because of earlier Aftermath mod, Or maybe because of some he's levels...You guys are stranger,but no one can made everyone happy, remember it before you attack to author!!!!
Thank you!


Cave_DemonPosted: 09/09/00 12:15   Report Abuse
Thanks to all you who download this mod...
Suicide bomb replaced bactatank in aftermath 2...And,i can't help you if you dont find gob file or get this mod work...cause so many else have get this mod work,try get better computer...


MrRavenXPosted: 10/11/00 21:41   Report Abuse
The Gob file for this mod has become corrupt. Your going to need to re-submit the ZIP file to them (


Cave_DemonPosted: 10/12/00 08:37   Report Abuse
Oops!!!I formated my hard drive 3 days after i released this one...So Aftermath 3 will never be available to play for someones...hehe


ErucolindoPosted: 10/30/00 23:26   Report Abuse
What is this about getting a good computer to play this? I seem to remember good mods working on all systems. You formatted your hard drive? Oh what a pity, i dont have the chance to play this piece of tat...


Cave_DemonPosted: 11/01/00 12:41   Report Abuse
I haven't say that this mod works only with GOOD computers!I made this mod with 166 Mhz Pentium II,and it worked just perfect!Kikkailija said so,not me!


DakkonPosted: 12/20/00 01:28   Report Abuse
Yoy rule at making just about everything Cave Demon. Keep it up. Can't wait for an Aftermath 4 (is there going to be a 4th one?)


DakkonPosted: 12/20/00 01:31   Report Abuse
Oh, you should make a suicide bomb for every mod you make. I loved that thing.


Cave_DemonPosted: 12/28/00 17:56   Report Abuse
Hmm...Maybe i'll make AM4...And if i make it,i'll put suicide bomb to it ;)


Jedi_Lord_1Posted: 01/07/01 13:00   Report Abuse
Guyz... leave the man alone.. god. He tried and I have yet to see u guyz try to make a level, so if I were u I'd shut my mouth. Cave_Deamon.. u did a good job.. keep up the good work!


Bad_BudPosted: 09/30/01 01:26   Report Abuse
Yes, i agree, and also, I like A4 :)


IA_D_VadergatorPosted: 08/04/02 18:24   Report Abuse
Good weapons, and i had that error message till i imported Static.jkl, it usually works right if u do that.


"But master yoda said I should be mindful of the future." - Obi-Wan Kenobi, third line, episode I.


PIPPosted: 03/06/04 17:32   Report Abuse
I tried to copy it to patch commander and it won't paste. I try to unzip and it says somthing like "error can't read file". I don't know if anyone else has this problem.


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