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The AGA has recently recieved word of a Phrik mining Facility on the planet of Ka`ard. Phrik was the metal once used in the armor of the Dark trooper, and it is believed that the unity and Empire has begun to produce a new batch of these death soldiers. You must get into the base and plant a Status mine in the Power Coupling, and then get back to your escape shuttle. Your soldiers and AT-ST's will help you with the first few enemies and escaping. (Note: if you need help or info on ai, there is an HTML file included.)


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Download: Phrik mining Facility on Ka`ard
File Size: 1.5Megs
Date: 08/06/00
Author: GeneralRamos
Downloads: 1737


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 7
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HKBOTPosted: 08/06/00 16:00   Report Abuse
Hey, its Phrink not Phrik....And Raw Phrink like you find as a mining facility is after its melted and formed....its used in almost every type of armored thing in SW.


Tyr's SentryPosted: 08/06/00 18:50   Report Abuse
Imagine my delight when I checked this site and saw a new MOTS single player level. I downloaded it, started it up, and then came a shocking surprise. Cool, you run around in an imperial commando skin. You have a bunch of freinds helping you out which was also cool. Very imaginative level, but that is where the good news ends. I ended up becoming bored with it because basically, I find no way through it without becoming invulnerable. I find this to be a major flaw in the level. I can see why the Mandalorian warriors would be so tough to kill, but regular stormtroopers? It shouldn't take more than one rail gun hit to kill a measely stormtrooper. After all is said and done I am not sure the level is worth the download unless you consider how imaginative and creative the author must be. A little more fine tuning and this level would have gone from mediocre to great. I'm sure the author can do better.


TN_Jacen_SoloPosted: 08/06/00 19:10   Report Abuse
Well, actually it's used for Darktroopers and not much else.


MikeCPosted: 08/06/00 23:00   Report Abuse
Dedicated to me? Excuse me, I have to wipe a tear from my eye.

A very faithful reproduction of the Dark Forces mine level in many respects. The good points far outweigh the bad in my opinion. Once you get past the really tough battle at the beginning it gets a lot easier.


GeneralRamosPosted: 08/06/00 23:01   Report Abuse
Thanks for the suggestion, but the level is doable, have you tried it on easy? Oh, and if you read up in the HTML document included it told you about the strength from the raildet stormies and such. I may edit it a bit for the series that this is part of, but I dunno...I suggest you read teh tip guide, it does get easier after you get past the first few guys. "Rememer, you don't always have to kill all of your enemies, don't let follish courage get in teh way of completing your mission"


Obi_Wan007Posted: 08/07/00 07:02   Report Abuse

I don't know if anyone is reading this, but if you are, and you're a Jedi Knight level maker, I have some suggestions.
1. More Single Player levels.
2. SP levels that are in the trilogy (or episode1)
3. Really good levels. (not boring ones)
4. Oh yeah, and, SP lev's that are for JK!!!!!!!!!! Please. I'm SICK of seeing multiplayer levels in the 'recent levels' column.


GeneralRamosPosted: 08/07/00 14:17   Report Abuse
Umm...I dunno about more levels in the trilogy....I prefer having mine set inbetween the time periods covered in the trilogy or afterward. If you want something like that, start a TC. yeah, i dfo agree that we need for SP levels...they're of higher quality contentwise and you can now create a convincig storyline, where in MP...

Anyhow, what does this have to do with the level?


Obi_Wan007Posted: 08/08/00 10:29   Report Abuse
Level? Oh yes, level.
Um... errr.... ahh... yes, well.. ah, level. It's.. eh.. Great! yes, excellent level. I.. eh, haven't exactly downloaded it but, um...
I can't download it OK!!! I don't have MotS and I can't get it cos every time I go somewhere they say, 'ah, nar mate. MotS was out, but, don't have it any more. you know, being an addon...'
ANd I've still been unable to get it!


ScoutTrooperPosted: 08/09/00 04:58   Report Abuse
Do you have a Sam's in your area?

Oh and awesome level! Stormies that put the pain in painful are always cool.

And I'm glad I ain't the only one who plays Droid Works. . .it's about the only (Lucas Learning) title that seems to flow thru with the Star Wars trilogy.


GeneralRamosPosted: 08/09/00 05:46   Report Abuse
new Bulletin: The "Dark Revival" Mission pack for MotS (3 or 4 levels based on teh stormie of a small struggle to start a new death squad of dark troopers) is being worked on as we speak. You start out with a simple mission, that has nothing at all to do with the rest of the levels in the pack [sorta like Dark Forces's 1st level...]. You have to locate and get to a Kuat Drive Yards project leader that has decided to turn on the Empire and Unity. Once you find him he tells you of the dastardly scheme that triggers the rest of the pack...It's set in a roaming space station filled with pirates and bounty hunters galore. There will, as in the second level in the pack (this level) be rather little ammo and supplies, so you mjst be rather resorseful and try to outrun or hide from your enemies as much as you can. I'm hoping to Make a realistic Dark Trooper enemy for the last level so that you face the REAL challenge, since their health is way higher than yours....and theres more of them than of the AGA soldiers. That means I'm going to give teh dark troopers an assault cannon, able to fly, and the missilelauncher built onto the assaut canon...oo, this'll be just like the "Arc Hammer" from dark forces all over again....
Level will include new soundtrack, new ai, and maybe a few new weapons. Hope you enjoy this single and the pack...keep the comments going!

(In the case you haven't noticed, i am basing this series loosely on Dark Forces)


IIS_DashPosted: 08/09/00 18:29   Report Abuse
u guys must suck, a lot! I beat iton hard np!!!! only took me couple of hours, not a bad level, could use some more enemys


GeneralRamosPosted: 08/10/00 20:09   Report Abuse
LoL Dash...Are you serious? A couple of HOURS? phht...I beat it in 20 minutes...but then again I know every nook and cranny and secret area....[BTW, have you gotten in and out of every secret area yet Dash?]

Well, progress is coming along quickly on level 1..... Keep downloading! get me over 600 :)


SiMoNPosted: 08/11/00 23:19   Report Abuse
Ok, i really dont get this level. I mean i might sound stupid here but why are u an Imperial commander yet Stormtroopers shoot at you? I cant seem to grasp whos supposed to be my allies and whos my enemies.
Sorry but I didnt get far into the level before stopping. Dull level, especially after BoaM. I suggest a new standard for Sp levels. If it aint almost as good as BoaM then dont post it.


Val LangleyPosted: 08/12/00 04:25   Report Abuse
BoaM isn't the standard for SP levels. I've played better. The enemies in this level were, like all but one SP level, easy once you dealt the Smack Dab© on them with your saber. It's true, even enemies that harbor weapons like the Darktroopers, while undeflectable, don't protect them against a straight-up Rompin'©.

Smack Dab© ,Rompin'©, all associated materials and the like are Copyright 2000 Langley, and are subject to U.S. and International laws and treaties. For having read them, you owe me 5 bucks.


SiMoNPosted: 08/12/00 22:00   Report Abuse
Ok, so BoaM isnt the best, but its one of the best, anyway, thats not my point...The point is that this level is dull and its a shame so much effort was wasted on it. Do NOT download this level unless you are bored out your skull. Better still play minesweeper. Im sorry, ive just had enough of bad sp levels getting posted, cause i actually bother to download them.


TR_GagePosted: 08/13/00 00:40   Report Abuse
I would like to go on record saying that this level was rather fun, although it could use a little tweaking. And it is Phrik, not Phrink. You are right about it being toxic, that is why it was always in those container in DF. However, Phrik was only used on the armor of Dark Troopers, nothinig else.


SiMoNPosted: 08/13/00 21:01   Report Abuse
Actually, after playing the whole level I have changed my mind about it. I think this level is actually a good level, with a few nice special features, and my only complaint is that it was a bit short and i had read the tips bit to find out why the hell i was an imp commando and i had stormtroopers shooting at me. After that i could enjoy the level, but please, anyone who says this level is too hard just cant play the game. Took me one 10min sitting to complete it. DO download this level and ignore my other remarks on this level. I stand corrected.


GeneralRamosPosted: 08/14/00 19:23   Report Abuse
Glad you changed your mind....maybe I should cap the letter "LOOK AT THE HTML DOCUMENT INCLUDED" in the description for the level pack this will be in....

To be honest, this was sort of an "opinion" level...since I seem to be getting ok reviews, I'm going to continue on the Dark revival level pack. I am hoping to extend the cavern systems and lava pools in the level for the pack, as well as make some aditional tweaks...for instance, I (after release) realized that if you fell off of the cliff on the way to the escape shuttle, that you'd have to go back through the base...because the last objective would not ring up by going through the larger hole. Yes...I do hope to edit the mats on the player and friendly characters a bit more, but there really isn't much to modify, as the AGA soldier is supposed to be dressed in grey uniform as is shown with standard Imperial commandos....I'll see what I can do though...

well, looks like this level's steadied off at around 300


ScoutTrooperPosted: 08/15/00 05:35   Report Abuse
Gage, it IS used in several other things. As quoted from Droid Works, Lucas Learning "From armour to Structual Siding, Phrik metal is used everywhere." It's actually a rather good game (especially since it's a kiddie game), although the plot is bad. I really likeed the create your own droid part.


DSettahrPosted: 12/01/00 04:31   Report Abuse
I haven't actually played this level yet, but there is a point I would like to make. If Lucas Arts said that Phrik is used so universally, then they are going against facts stated in the original dark forces. As I recall, Phrik was an extremely rare metal, and one of the only places it could be found was on the moon of Gromas. Because it was so rare, the Empire only had one facilty that produced it, the one on said moon. Thats why Kyle took the time to risk his live to blow the facility up, because then the Empire would no longer have a supply of the metal for the Dark Trooper armor, and this would disrupt the production of the troopers. (Another reason why the original DF is much better than JK: a much better plot.)

Now that I've gotten this off my chest, I'll take the time to download and play the level. Based on what I've read above, I can't wait.


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