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This is a medium-sized level built specifically for NF GUNNERS. There are a few structures, plenty of catwalks, a couple of vector thrust tubes, and even a nice little trap. The level is loaded full of powercells, CR's, bacta, power boosts, armour vests, a revive, a healing droid, and some mines. All in all, this level is a MUST HAVE for any NF GUNNER and is a good change from the usual Oasis. It is also an official level of the 4H Clan.


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Level Info:

Download: 4H Gun Yard
File Size: 67k
Date: 06/02/00
Author: _4H__MaT (Matthew Zacharias)
Downloads: 3589


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 9
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LoRd aLgAePosted: 07/01/00 16:08   Report Abuse
I would have liked to see some variety in the weapons other than concs and seq charges (and bryars, but that's a given). Aside from that, this level I believe is not only perfect for NF gunning, but maybe force level 4 as well, because speed and jump work perfectly here. A nice, fast-paced level. Rating: B


WD_XisKo_Posted: 07/02/00 02:21   Report Abuse
your obviously not a nf gunner. they mainly just use concussions and some mines maybe. It's fine just the way it is.


KillerBeePosted: 07/02/00 15:16   Report Abuse
When I nf gun I just use the rail :) I shot myslef in the foot with the conky, too much splash, it was clearly designed as an FF weapon..


BjornPosted: 11/18/00 21:54   Report Abuse
I think this level wasn't that good. It was pretty bland. The only thing I like about is the area underwater.


BjornPosted: 11/18/00 21:54   Report Abuse
I think this level wasn't that good. It was pretty bland. The only thing I like about is the area underwater.


PengunPosted: 06/25/01 22:13   Report Abuse
Yes! This level is so old-school!


ChrisPosted: 07/25/01 12:58   Report Abuse
You should have put in some other weapons on this level and made the conc rifle harder to get than just anyone being able to get it. I'd recommend force level 3 for this so you can get to some places. Got a bit too much ammo in seems like the floor is covered with it.


StrikePosted: 08/16/01 22:27   Report Abuse
I think this level should be commended for being the first level posted on massassi.net (according to the JK MP level list)


Matt02Posted: 07/03/02 03:00   Report Abuse
This level when I began playing was fine but it's more for like massive players on a gun duel. Just keep up the work and you will get much better!



SkimmyPosted: 01/01/03 01:26   Report Abuse
i say ACK!

LOTS OF MAYHEM IN THIS LEVEL! A litttle variety wouldn't hurt (no offense, man). but anyway the secrets arent too bad. and the big narrow pit kind of got me peeved when i was expecting a secret area.



MentatMMPosted: 06/10/07 05:26   Report Abuse


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