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This level is a medium-sized level that will be updated often. It will be updated often because it starts in the back area of an apartment complex and has many areas which you can't get to. In the next one you'll be able to get there, the level will just get bigger and bigger as I update it. It's mostly a NF sabers level, but there is a railgun and a repeater and some of those cool IR Goggles.


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Level Info:

Download: Apartment War
File Size: 1.1Megs
Date: 08/19/00
Author: Inevitable_TeK
Downloads: 2310


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 7
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AgentSmith14Posted: 08/20/00 02:27   Report Abuse
Yeah, don't make to many versions, it always gets screwed up. Just make your next version the one u want to release and call it something else. That way theres not confusion.


JediLordPosted: 08/20/00 03:51   Report Abuse
A loved the sounds. It was a nice level with fun game play, could use better doors and elevators.


Sura BoyayPosted: 08/20/00 03:57   Report Abuse
Whoa that looks good. Nice job.


SlugPosted: 08/20/00 06:18   Report Abuse
I really dislike the idea of several versions of a level.. Creates nothing but confusion.. The level itself is quite nice though - After reading the description, I wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised..


PengunPosted: 07/13/01 19:58   Report Abuse
I had the same idea of updating a level. And if I interpereted him right the update would replace the previous version.


ChrisPosted: 07/25/01 17:48   Report Abuse
Looks good. Definately feels like an apartment block. Would be easier with force jump unless you use the lamposts to get around some places.


Admiral_Ackbar_Posted: 08/01/01 16:35   Report Abuse
keep up the good work


Bad_BudPosted: 10/01/01 03:05   Report Abuse
EHEEHEEE, NEEED MORE ROOOOMS!!! BASICALLY A BLOCK WITH BLOCKS AND MORE BLOCKED OFF BLOCKS!! AAAAAAAH! SAVE ME.... mercy! ugh *faints* get my point? NEEDS FILLING TO THE ROOMS! i know its incomplete, and there is a new section to be added, and filled rooms, but i only saw 1 or 2, if any filled rooms! please update, or call it off and tell the ppl that have it that it was build with textured legos.... i know i sound really negative. but its true.. It looks promising, with a little patching up... i'm sorry, i mean a LOT of patching up! but because i love urban, and it looks promising... i give it an 8!


KittyInAKomonoPosted: 10/05/01 11:34   Report Abuse
*giggles*i'm dling it right now,but from the pictures it looks like my big sisters apartment!lol!i should show her this one at christmas break!


Commander DuckyPosted: 12/05/01 02:59   Report Abuse
lots of potential, not much of it was used though, only 2 doors in the level actually open, out of about 100000, you cant really call it apartment war, since none of the appartments are accesable, the swimming pool is almost impossible to get to without SPORK or some other grappling hook mod, the Bar, well, the bar just kidna sucks in general...please, update, i REALLY want to see this level with more rooms and stuff


NomadžoulPosted: 03/03/02 21:07   Report Abuse
Gameplay on this one was fast...pretty easy to spot sumone...but...in the parking garge area it was fun to hide from ppl in the dark. A 7 over all. Also I noticed a faint music in the background....at first it sounded like carosel music...then I listened even closer and found that it was from the first level of Rainbow Six. Pretty inovative...also when u look outside the parking garge u can see the rest of the city....and ur trademark on the building. overall nice job, but it definetly needs expansion.


Chiss LordPosted: 03/12/02 23:00   Report Abuse
The blinking lights are VERY annoying. Please cut them out for next time.


PIPPosted: 06/04/04 21:37   Report Abuse
3....the level itself was good but the camera view got annoying.


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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