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This is a large multiplayer guns level set in a hidden base on an otherwise desolate moon. It consists of several large open areas, an underground area, a conference room, two dragon pits (which are both impossible to get out of if you fall in), a crucified stormtrooper (very cool), and a large hangar area. The large cross-shaped area above the main courtyard is meant for saber duelling. There's also a platform HIGH up which you can get to by taking a ride on the TIE Bomber... but can you get back down? If you can make the jump to the slide a long way below will find LOTS of ammo. This level is intended for 4+ players. Being so large, finding your opponents can get frustrating. Please send feedback to my e-mail address, or my ICQ number - 42230830 . Thanks all.


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Download: Appetite For Destruction HQ
File Size: 678k
Date: 08/20/00
Author: AFD_DarthWeasel
Downloads: 1477


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 1
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Number7teenPosted: 08/21/00 00:41   Report Abuse
all i can say nice...pretty nicely done,i love big levels like that,like above ben-gor. =)



DarthWeaselPosted: 09/02/00 19:47   Report Abuse
Ta,this is my first level and was a little disorganised,i made it up as i went along ;) ive got other better levels im working on now.


ChrisPosted: 07/25/01 22:00   Report Abuse
I liked the level. Loads of space and some AI on it, like the nasty kell dragon pit. I have to admit it does look like its just been put together as you went along.


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