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The third installment of the Bounty Hunters Mods Series: Boba Fett. Fett is armed with a custom Mandalorian Rifle. Fett has his own jet pack and helmet sensors. Also, when Fett uses Force Heal it recharges his shields as well. Enjoy!


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Download: Bounty Hunters Mods Part 3: Boba Fett
File Size: 68k
Date: 08/23/00
Author: Vindicare
Downloads: 3448


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 7
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ValloPosted: 08/24/00 12:35   Report Abuse
Very cool mod. This is the best fett skin Ive ever seen. To bad it doesn't have a grappling hook...


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 08/25/00 12:30   Report Abuse
I got all excited about this mod (I'm a HUGE fan of Fett) but the skin is colored all wrong and the visor's too fat and there are no dents in his armor and his shoulder pads are all screwy. :-P


LoC_GarrettPosted: 08/26/00 11:45   Report Abuse
nice idea....ive been waiting for a good boba fett mod for a long time....
...and im still waiting.
the skin is messed up, thats all i can say.


VindicarePosted: 08/27/00 19:33   Report Abuse
Why is the skin screwed up? I used as accurate things as possible to make this including various pics I have and the Star Wars action figure (thats where I got the pad from) I have had a very mixed response to this mod with some people saying they like this mods and others saying that they didnt like the mod. If SoloScorpion you know a way of denting the armour please tell me and I will do it. Depending on the rest of the response I get i may do a version 2 of this mod which will have an improved skin and grappling hook. Infact yer I will do that even though some people have said that they liked this if some people think its screwed its not worth having. Look out for version 2 in the next couple of days



meloman234Posted: 08/30/00 18:30   Report Abuse
Ya, this is good and all. I mean, you obviously have a great talent for mod's and skin's and such. But (personaly) I'm getting sick of Boba Fett skins and mods. Don't get me wrong, I like this one. But in the future, use your talents for something more unsuall. Ya know what I mean?


Slayer_2_Posted: 09/26/00 04:46   Report Abuse
Vindicare-- You and I disagree on a lot of things...but please, PLEASE, get the skin colors right. First of all, Greedo is NOT blue, and second, Boba Fetts colors are greenish yellow and red. Shape up, buddy


SM_Boba_FettPosted: 11/17/00 22:33   Report Abuse
I gave this a big fat 0 cause of one major thing the skins is primarialy Al Macdonalds Boba Fett but this guy messed up his helmet Iam the biggest Boba Fett buff there is and the skin is messed up. Iam making a Boba Fett skin in my skin pack and it i asure you will be like fett. Nice try but i have the al skin no way they can look that close they use the same 3do too.


JediApprenticeZerathPosted: 11/22/00 00:44   Report Abuse
Great skin. I really liked it, though I don't know what you mean with the helmet sensors. Keep up the good work.


ValloPosted: 01/01/01 16:37   Report Abuse
The skin is fine I think... I think the author did a great job.


vader153Posted: 10/12/01 16:07   Report Abuse
Alright!!!! Finally a kick A## Boba Fett Skin!!!


DengAr_182Posted: 07/30/02 13:46   Report Abuse
I like your things pretty good and this was alright.HURRY UP WITH DENGAR HE'S MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!:)


DengAr_182Posted: 07/30/02 13:55   Report Abuse
Forget that last comment this mod makes my game crash.THIS MOD SUCKS(for me anyway)SORRY.I still cant wait for Dengar though.


SuntanoPosted: 08/01/02 23:10   Report Abuse
That is BY FAR! The worst fett skin EVER! Want a good fett mod? Get the Bobba Fett Armor... Yeesh!

Well vindicare dont let me put you down. Keep trying I couldnt do anything like that.


deathsaber 5Posted: 10/28/02 05:39   Report Abuse
This is a really cool mod.The jetpack was cool and the helmet sensor is really cool. I never have to use force seeing anymore. I give it an 8 because I didn't like the jetpack color.


duo02998Posted: 11/13/02 01:40   Report Abuse
When did fett's head get so dern shiny?


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