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This is my latest JK MP level I have created. I call it, 'Canyon Desert'. There is a certain 'Desert Rose' in this level, IF you can find it. If you need help finding the secrets, feel free to e-mail me. Good for up to 8 players, no more. There is a place for saber dueling, heavy gun deathmatch (ya know, those 'oasis' fans ;) ), and a lot of places to explore. The screenshots don't show much. Check out the README!!!_canyondes.txt for more info.


Level Info:

Download: Canyon Desert
File Size: 269k
Date: 08/27/00
Author: Lightside
Downloads: 1100


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 8
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Army_RangerPosted: 08/27/00 15:33   Report Abuse
Great Level, Force jump is a must if you want to snip people on the ground. I did find that BGJ, and Canyon Oasis are both in this level. Sorta of reminds me of Jawa Dwelling SE in that respect. All and all its a great level, I would highly recommend you download this level. :)


LightsidePosted: 08/27/00 17:46   Report Abuse
Wow, thanks Ranger. Yes, force jump is highly recommended here. ;)

And ya know what? I DID have Jawa Dwelling SE on my mind when I made it. That's how I kinda got that concept in there. Framerate is a little buggy, but that's about it.


Tal Ged-MaPosted: 08/27/00 18:49   Report Abuse
Heeeeeeeeey! Swanky! The Screens don't really do this justice! Seriously! The large columns of rock jutting out of the ground etc. make for some seriously cool sniping spots, and and the flow for it is for the most part, great!



Obi-zer-0-KenobiPosted: 08/31/00 19:02   Report Abuse
Cool lvl i found Canyon Oasis and BGJ the first time i played but i can never find that desert rose a Must-DL lvl to me


ID_JunkguyPosted: 09/04/00 20:57   Report Abuse
What is the desert rose supposed to look like? Is it a rose or something else?
And BTW, cool level.


ChrisPosted: 07/29/01 19:53   Report Abuse
Is the desert rose the super shield? It looks canyony, not really that much like a desert as theres quite a lot of water. Can have some ok fights if not for the supershield.


pcjedi007Posted: 06/03/02 00:29   Report Abuse
this level was great but it needed a few more things in it. It needs some traps and needs some catwalks for good saber-dueling. good level though.


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