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My first level, this smallish map is set in an ancient temple. It consists of an upper, brightly-lit floor above the ground and the lower and dark catacombs which are well below the surface. There are two devious traps (random gushes of wind and lightning), and it is designed for saber fights. The level is meant for 2-4 players, but it does offer room for more.


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Download: Abandoned Temple
File Size: 804k
Date: 09/01/00
Author: Blidd
Downloads: 1803


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 8
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Sura BoyayPosted: 09/01/00 01:13   Report Abuse
Impressive, most impressive.


Wise Old ManPosted: 09/01/00 01:13   Report Abuse
Wow, another temple level, how original! Come on, can people start to be a tad more creative, No offense to the author of this level, actualy the level is pretty good


ChrisPosted: 07/25/01 12:35   Report Abuse
Wise old mans right there are too many temple levels. This ones alright though. It is quite small and i prefer bigger levels but it is one of the better temple levels.


ScnigeyPosted: 08/01/01 03:06   Report Abuse
I thought this was a real thought out level. Lot's of tricks in it to keep you interested. Nice place to kill too.


Angry WompaPosted: 11/06/01 01:10   Report Abuse
As far as two person saber fighting goes, I found this to be an excellent level. It is small, but that is better for saber levels, keeps the action going. The color was a bit screwy in some areas, but that may just be me. Also I only found one trap, and like it. As for your water problem, if you used a surface, just get rid of it, you'll still see the water but characters won't seem to dissapear under it. Overall, good fun.


NWC_PanzerPosted: 02/09/03 19:21   Report Abuse
I Was Only In This Map For One Minute And That Was All I Needed To Discover How Terrible A Map This Was.It Was Way To Dark In The Lower Leval,And I Beleive The Upper Leval Was Pointless.There Were No Powerups Or Anything.Needs A Lot Of Work.I Don't Recomend This Leval At All!! I Gave It A 3


LeHahPosted: 02/16/03 16:49   Report Abuse
A well made level. I also am very amused by the high level of stupid complaints and unwiped goat ass comments left on this thread about a well-made level with good atmosphere. I think I sense a haughtly mix of jealousy and stupidity.


dodgerfreak2Posted: 02/18/03 17:14   Report Abuse
Wise Old Man:

If indeed this level is as horrible as you claim it to be, then pray tell me how it could make level of the week? Obviously others do not share your "wise" opinion.

If you will note, the author said that this
was his first level. He/she does not need "wise" people like you critqueing his/her work.

To him who has an ear let him hear.


DSettahrPosted: 02/21/03 21:02   Report Abuse
Dodger, he said that level itself was actually quite good. He was just complaining about the temple theme... and I agree, there have been far too many "temple themed" levels lately...


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