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This level takes place in the streets of the Tatooine town of Mos Espa, during the days of Kyle Katarn. It is made for RPG. It was intended to be like Drazen Isle on Tatooine without the lag, with Barons Hed RPG type jobs, and a Dralloc Hotel feel. It turned out pretty well. Please keep in mind this is the first level I have ever released, even though I have worked on editing all of this year and some of last and worked on this particular level all summer! There is a police station with a jail, an Outlaw hideout, a Restaurant, a Cantina, a Med Center, a house, a hangar, a gun store, and a hotel. There is also a cool Air Shaft that surrounds the whole level and has lots of sniping spots along the way, so a skilled assassin can take out a few people. In addition to these, there are lots more secrets, which are listed in the SECRETS.txt file included in the zip file. This level is best played FF (with Force Jump), RPG, and with a SNIPING mod that gives you a scope, like Guns and Such or Killer's Weapons Patch. I hope I have written enough to get you to download the level now...


Level Info:

Download: The Mos Espa RPG
File Size: 1.3Megs
Date: 09/02/00
Author: Justin (Saber_Scorpion) Stebbins
Downloads: 13606


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 32
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PrometheusPosted: 09/02/00 19:18   Report Abuse
Hey man, the level looks awesome, and the way u explained it was pretty good, and im downloadin it right now so for any a yas that wanna know how it is hold on a short time and ill tell y'all


BD_5000Posted: 09/02/00 19:27   Report Abuse
Is this level for MotS or JK?


Jedi_Blane_VastPosted: 09/02/00 20:47   Report Abuse

Ok, first off, BD look at the top of the page... It clearly states Jedi Knight MP. Now, onto the level...

Upon first seeing the title "Mos Espa RPG" I was thrilled. Finally, another level to roleplay on. I opened it up in Jedi Knight and found myself pleased for the most part, finding it to be a good RP level, but it needs work.

-The white texutres in the hospitals and bathroom is odd.

-Am I the only one who noticed that he cleverly his the fact he did no doors/elevators/lighting? *laughs* Interesting...

-The TIE Fighter WAV should have been there if it actually flew.

-Some of the custom mats weren't all that great, like the bar tap could've been better.

All in all though, I will enjoy roleplaying on it... Great job. Oh, and by the way, they aren't secrets if you tell everyone where they are... *winks slightly*


chris006nancePosted: 09/02/00 23:27   Report Abuse
Trying for Drazen huh?Well,to make a long story short,you didn't!This is much better than Drazen,not quiet as spooky.Drazen scared me,all the darkness.This level seems to hav a warm,happyish, feel to about 4 min.25 secs.i'll have it ready to test.


chris006nancePosted: 09/02/00 23:55   Report Abuse
all i can say is WOW!this level is SO good i'm starting an rpg for it right now,let me get it posted in the disucuusion forum(it's a no hax no killing,i'm working the restrant)
ip# is hurry,im only going tpo wait a few hours!it's starts at 7:25 central time.


ExcilantroPosted: 09/02/00 23:57   Report Abuse
This level plays great! I played with 6 people and experienced very little lag! nice job!


MewThree_PkmnPosted: 09/03/00 13:32   Report Abuse
awesome lvl! love it! :) hey i even met these guys :)! AWESOME!


chris006nancePosted: 09/03/00 13:38   Report Abuse
i'm sorry for all of those who tried to join my game last night.i never got to start it!just before i anounced it in the forum,our electricity went out.sorry.i'll try again tonight at 9:00p.m. central time ip# thank you and we'll try again tonite.rules in discussion forum.


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 09/03/00 14:24   Report Abuse
First, for the critic up there, this IS my first level, and no, I don't know how to do lighting, and I am only starting to learn COG and the bar's tap was one of the best parts of the level! No one else thought of that!

For the rest, that Drazen Isle without the lag was just added in to get you to download it because that's what one of the beta testers told me it was like. The Dralloc Hotel feel and Barons Hedish Jobs, however, really are there!

I am also working on a sequel that will be bigger, extending the street a little, you know. As for the Battle of the Four Forts, that's gonna take a little more work. I'm STILL trying to figure out lighting. Once I do, the air shaft surrounding the whole level, the sewers under the pool, and the assassin hideout will be darkened much more.


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 09/03/00 14:30   Report Abuse
Oh, and one more thing for the critic, elevators and doors, while I don't know how to do them, I could very easily figure out. The reasons I didn't put them are simple. My no lag policy would be ruined. When people RPG, TONS of people join and therefore create lag. That lag makes it so when you click a door or get on an elevator, it takes FOREVER for it to respond. The second reason is the tatooineish feel. Tatooine is a very poor planet, so they usually can't afford doors and elevators, or bathrooms in every hotel room for example ;).


darkscorpionPosted: 09/03/00 16:47   Report Abuse
hey this looks cool i love rpg's. great level!


darkscorpionPosted: 09/03/00 16:48   Report Abuse
hey i think i played Saber_Ryan1 before he was great. Check out the saber webstie its cool


Saber_Ryan1Posted: 09/03/00 17:50   Report Abuse
Hehe, thanks


JDL_Glover_LeaderPosted: 09/03/00 17:58   Report Abuse
this is the first rpg ive ever downloaded i hope its as good as u say it is!


JDL_Glover_LeaderPosted: 09/03/00 18:00   Report Abuse
Hey it is actually Quite cool n1!


Jedi_Blane_VastPosted: 09/03/00 18:49   Report Abuse
No, no! You took my comments all wrong!

I think this level is excellent for a first level, actually, for MANY levels it is excellent. I have roleplayed on it very many times since that last post, and I enjoy it.

Some of the MATs look a little too, well, colorful... a little un-natural. I would LOVE to help you with MATs for the next installment... I just need to know what to do.

The no lights/elevators/doors? I thought it was a very clever idea, I wasn't putting it down at all. I thought it was cool how you managed to make a pretty cool level without needing most of those...

E-mail me please at so we can talk, I weould love to help you with the sequel or just talk about editing and such, seeing as I am kinda new to it...


SC_FirePosted: 09/03/00 19:41   Report Abuse
Great level man it really kicks some major ass!!!



LiquidBlurPosted: 09/03/00 20:25   Report Abuse
nice lvl!!! it would have ben great if the lvl. was i just came back from playing this map and some people was not playing it with they play it like house!!! lol


ChewbaccaPosted: 09/03/00 23:12   Report Abuse
This is a great map. The secrets are fun to use, such as when you have been a criminal thrown in jail. So fun to escape and surprise them :Þ The only trouble I had was the size. The level was way to small. If you make an SE I suggest you take that offer to get better MATs. Maybe you could add the places from TPM, like Watto's Shop. ANyway, great level.


darkscorpionPosted: 09/04/00 00:58   Report Abuse
hey Saber_Ryan1 and Saber_Scorpion -- i dont know if u remember but my real zone name is dynamicmind. Remember me?


RewK GoNPosted: 09/04/00 03:26   Report Abuse
Nice level, they dont make enough levels for JK that are RPG'S (little hint to level makers out there) nice level, i could tell it was a first, but it was pretty cool, if you would contact me ( i have some great ideas for the sequel, and i can do some mats for you i am exceptionally good at bitmaping,the level is almost lagless the no doors or elevators was a good idea, but get ahold of me and i can contribute some suggestions that would help your skills out immensly. my zone name is RewK_GoN .get ahold of me i would like to help you develop the next level oh yeah i really enjoyed the cantina it was really good except all the tables=) and i would like to congratulate you on such a first good level.

RewK GoN


IGF_mara_jadePosted: 09/04/00 11:18   Report Abuse
in the sequel you dont you make it a little like barons hed rpg where you go in to a portal and choose what job u want just a thought


Cave_DemonPosted: 09/04/00 13:21   Report Abuse
Hey,nice level,when i played this,i saw one people,in drazen it was (almost),and if you need level editing help or cog scripts,just ask me:
good job, keep it up!


Phillip S.Posted: 09/04/00 20:11   Report Abuse
COOL! I downloaded the Barons Hed RPG and now I am trying to find others. This one I will be good. I'll right back later when I see it.


Saber_Ryan1Posted: 09/05/00 02:47   Report Abuse
Yeah I remember u dynamicmind


Angel_HunterPosted: 09/16/00 22:28   Report Abuse
[("[) KIRBY


Element_DaukhPosted: 09/17/00 18:51   Report Abuse
Hey, all I have to say is nice, nice nice. Very nicely done level. Incredibly nicely done when u take into consideration it was their first. Oh yeah, and IGF_mara_jade, whatlevel are u talking about? there is no barons Hed RPG for JK (At least i havent found it yet)


StarFoxPosted: 09/24/00 08:35   Report Abuse
Belive it or not, there IS an barons hed RPG thingimagig. Dowload it in the Mods Section.....


WOTT_JediKnightPosted: 09/24/00 14:00   Report Abuse
(rubbing his eyes) This level is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool! Keep up the good work!


darkscorpionPosted: 10/01/00 15:58   Report Abuse
Has anyone noticed there aren't enough RPG compatible levels?


RSG_ATOMICDOGPosted: 10/03/00 17:01   Report Abuse
DUDE! SWEET LEVEL! ok first off, uh it is cool and stuff. This is the most played level of the RSG clan! not that anyone cares but ya know. have u been to nar shadda in the zone lately? there are alwayz like 6 mos espa! anyway, ZM me some time if u wanna play and im looking forward to any future levels you may have comming here to! see ya! -RSG_ATOMICDOG


Kaz BlaxxunPosted: 10/08/00 03:06   Report Abuse
Nice level I agree with RewK GoN all the way good job

Kaz Blaxxun


TLE_ThrmalPosted: 10/13/00 20:23   Report Abuse
Um, ok, when I downloaded, it didnt download RPG code...I dont know what to do now, can someone tell me where to get rpg code?


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 10/18/00 15:15   Report Abuse
I would like to thank everyone who downloaded this level for making it one of the top downloaded levels on! My first level and it's famous! Every day I come on the Zone, there's at least one Mos Espa RPG game open! Thanks again, and Mos Espa RPG Silver is coming soon!


Xarr_SeadragonPosted: 11/06/00 23:51   Report Abuse
hey Saber_Ryan1 my old name was dynamicmind but i joined a clan so my new name is yup u guessed it.....Xarr_Seadragon ! just so u know


Nuthin2LosePosted: 11/23/00 07:23   Report Abuse
All I have to say is: Wow!!! Look at the screenshots and u will see that this is a must download. Gotta love the part about the RPG!


DBZMVegetaPosted: 12/11/00 05:55   Report Abuse
If im right . if this right level.
Cought found xxx Cough in the pool Cough under grate Cough.
Giving a fare chance


MitchellssPosted: 02/26/01 14:20   Report Abuse
I rate a 10 because i read the stuff on ur page so i downloaded it and it rocks! Make an other one!


SmokeDrgn1Posted: 03/17/01 18:19   Report Abuse
Very cool RPGing lvl, i really enjoy this map, Hope to see a sequel!


Saber_ScorpionPosted: 05/06/01 19:33   Report Abuse
Well, thanks Jedi Blane Vast.

I'm now working on Coruscant RPG, a level with MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better architecture, custom 3dos etc. Maybe even a mod to go with it.


Jedi LegendPosted: 05/08/01 22:00   Report Abuse
I really hate to be the first to really criticize this level, but hopefully it will help the author out in future levels
1. Has no lighting. And dont tell me that no lighting would mean that it would be completely dark, because thats not what i mean.
2. Bland texturing, the new textures were great but in the area with the swimming pool, the texturing was really bad.
3. There was HOM in the swimming pool
4. It had these paper thin walls where the author adjoined 2 surfaces to make a "door" instead of making a small sector between the two
Thats about it, unless i come up with more, i'm not a big fan of RPG levels btw, so i wont comment on gameplay


Shadow ThiefPosted: 05/20/01 20:02   Report Abuse
The reason to why this level doesnīt lag is because itīs sooooo*cough*oooooo small and therefore makes it sooooooooooooooooooooo*gets a heart attack*ooooooooooooo boring. but i didnt mean that it would be boring, just that itīs nothing new in this level. take drazen: it has new 3doīs and mats and all kind of stuff, this level , doesnīt !!! also use some lighting and some doors.....and some more creativity.


Force master2Posted: 07/18/01 20:05   Report Abuse
too many weapons, thats the problem, and u seem to be spending more time in the street than anything else.


Zero_G_TrooperPosted: 07/30/01 18:52   Report Abuse
An OK level... Some doors and a better shade of white in the bathrooms would be nice...


TSS_YODA_161Posted: 10/14/01 05:06   Report Abuse
I am a big fan of RPG and so are a lot of people who play jedi knight but this level has to be one of the best RPG levels ever in in the JK world like drazen but it dont lag cool hu


ripcurlsurf69Posted: 11/03/01 03:03   Report Abuse
Yeah this is a great rpg you made. But the one thing i didn't appreciate is how all these smuks that commented on your RPG. they critisized how some textures were a little funny and the lighting wasn't too great. why dont you just shut your mouth people, fine you want to critisize the small things go make your own. Joe frickin worked his ass off to make it. Oh and by the way this is Brandon, and im using constructive critisism in that I'm telling off these lowlife losers.
Please excuse my use of "Smuk" im using it as a referance to someone stupid. not the jewish racial slur for penis. LOL well peace out Joe


WhiteNightPosted: 11/20/01 03:57   Report Abuse
One of my favorite levels. However, can get tiring quick because it's small.


Force master2Posted: 03/15/02 20:58   Report Abuse
the vent idea is cool, perfect for hiding *laughs* but the "piece of junk" WAV could have been better, and you can't jump into the secret passage in the cell from inside it



JKD_AnakinPosted: 12/07/03 21:17   Report Abuse
this ROX for ur first lvl.....and of course a 10


Crop_CirclePosted: 04/20/04 23:51   Report Abuse
I really did not like this level at all. But not without bases.

1.Hearing random ship noises is anoying. Sure theres a hanger but so what theres no ship flying around. Are the people just reving their engines

2. An air duct that runs through a whole city is sorta stupid. That makes sense with sewers and stuff but no city is linked by an air duct.

3.The one way force field makes no sense. If there is an energy field it should work on both sides.

4. Last is you have to use make beleif money and stuff. Terrible for rpging.


LightfyrePosted: 04/21/04 21:25   Report Abuse
Oviously your totally new to the game. Before mods/levels like barrons head, you had to RP like that. The level is a Classic, and a great place to RP.


Crop_CirclePosted: 04/24/04 00:15   Report Abuse
No I'm not new to this game and before barons hed rpging sucked. Fake money I can get past although but the one way force fields make no sense and neither do one way walls which also ruins game play. I hate games where the guy is like "Oh here is lots of money" and I'm like "Oh cool here is the gun you need" and then he jumps over the counter and gets the the gun. It's lame. With the cogs in barons hed the roles are fun and theres actually money that you can by stuff with. Thats fun. The maker of this level could've just borrowed the cogs and made his own level cooler.


Crop_CirclePosted: 04/24/04 00:15   Report Abuse
No I'm not new to this game and before barons hed rpging sucked. Fake money I can get past although but the one way force fields make no sense and neither do one way walls which also ruins game play. I hate games where the guy is like "Oh here is lots of money" and I'm like "Oh cool here is the gun you need" and then he jumps over the counter and gets the the gun. It's lame. With the cogs in barons hed the roles are fun and theres actually money that you can by stuff with. Thats fun. The maker of this level could've just borrowed the cogs and made his own level cooler.


Saber_Ryan1Posted: 04/24/04 14:50   Report Abuse
Hey, I'm Saber_Scorpion's brother, and since he hasn't answered you yet, I thought I'd just take up for him.

In case you haven't noticed, this level was released in the year 2000 - back when Jedi Knight was in its prime and people still played it on the Zone. This level was a massive hit, and is the 6th most downloaded multiplayer Jedi Knight level on Massassi! Although the Barons Hed mod was also released in the year 2000 (even a few months before this level), most Jedi Knight role playing games that took place on the Zone were still just "make belief", as you put it. Sure, Scorp could have just implemented the mod into his level, but keep in mind that this was his first level. Both him and I became much better at level-making later on.. Scorpion even started working on the Mos Espa RPG Gold Edition, but he gave up on it and later started working on an even better RPG level. Both of these were never released because Jedi Knight 2 was out by then and Jedi Knight started dying. After we closed our clan, Saber, we pretty much just stopped playing Jedi Knight.


Crop_CirclePosted: 04/24/04 21:52   Report Abuse
thanks for that history what other levels has scorpian released


Saber_Ryan1Posted: 04/24/04 22:35   Report Abuse
No problem. This is Scorp's first and only released level, just like my first and only released level is Saber Canyon. Although Saber Canyon has better architecture then Scorp's first level, it didn't get nearly as many downloads. Just goes to show you that architecture isn't everything. ;-) Of course, Scorp released his level when Jedi Knight was being played a lot more. We both worked on other Jedi Knight levels and projects, but they were never released.

Now, that's only speaking of levels. Scorp has released one mod.. the Dungeons and Dragons TC. It's his first and only mod, and I never tried to make any mods. Most people complain that it isn't really a TC, but it's still fun.


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