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A big grassy courtyard next to a canyon jam packed with lots of guns, ammo, caves, and secret passages to wicked sniper spots.


Level Info:

Download: Courtyard
File Size: 383k
Date: 09/23/00
Author: Adam (NOFpuXnk) Freeman
Downloads: 916


Score (0-10): 8
# of Ratings: 9
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LiquidBlurPosted: 09/23/00 05:15   Report Abuse
"hay! the sky looks nice!"


LiquidBlurPosted: 09/23/00 05:52   Report Abuse
this is a cool lvl.!! "i like it".....this is a nice lvl. for sniping...!


EH_PhoenixPosted: 09/23/00 17:40   Report Abuse
I played this lvl before it was released here at massassi. It is AWSOME as long as you don't mind a big level. It could use a little better weapons placement though. 9/10


Destructo6Posted: 09/23/00 18:43   Report Abuse
I thought this level was spectacular because it has a little something for everyone.
+For people who love pretty things, theres a buttload of textures to keep you content.
+Gunners will find large areas to snipe or just blow the hades out of someone with a concussion rifle.
+Small passages for hit and run force players and saber duelers.
My only problem with this level is its absurd size. I believe if you can't find your opponent in under 1 minute from spawn, then the level is too large. For a revison, take out parts that players rarely play in (granted you've gone undercover and played your level with actual people). Keep it up!



WOTT_JediKnightPosted: 09/24/00 13:24   Report Abuse
This is an excellent level i must say, keep up the good work....


darksidelukePosted: 02/17/01 07:06   Report Abuse
Hey adam,remember me!I am aka ESJ_HARBINGER,rated it a 9.Good job,great gunning level.Stop hogging that 9 so much lol


ValiancePosted: 03/20/01 01:22   Report Abuse
Best gunnin level there is that I have played so far. Now do a level about the shining lol the hotel and maze yeah!
Lots of secrets in courtyard too,nice job.


OmEgA_PoWeRPosted: 06/03/01 18:23   Report Abuse
Hey man cool lvl I like it....


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