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This pach does not have a gob, only mats. Just put them in your resource/mat directory, and your red, purple, green and blue saber blades will look much better. Also, your saber handle will be black.


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Download: Advanced Saber Colours
File Size: 12k
Date: 09/26/00
Author: TN_Fireball
Downloads: 2995


Score (0-10): 5
# of Ratings: 4
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JK2k_GStarfieldPosted: 09/27/00 01:32   Report Abuse
It takes one WHOLE second to download! Come on! Try it! Anything's better than those orignal melting popcicles called lightsabers!


TSM_Trendy_NessPosted: 09/27/00 05:39   Report Abuse
It is a good thought, but it isn't too hard to gob anything that could be put in the rescource folder, I mean just load up ConMan or even Patch Commander and the rest is self explanitory. Rate 4!


D-MiesterPosted: 10/01/00 18:51   Report Abuse
Screen Shot 2 Looks Awsome! Well, That's All.


B.O.S.Posted: 12/30/00 14:32   Report Abuse
This isn't a very exciting lightsabre mod--in fact it makes the sabres look a lot like those plastic toy ones they were sellin' for a while before kids started blinding each other w/ the pointed ends of 'em or whatever it was that caused all but the most pathetically short-bladed toy lightsabres to be recalled. If the mod made the sabres look more like they were glowing and their color was vibrant or pulsating very quickly, it would not be getting the 3/10 I'm slappin' it w/.


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