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A simple mod that changes the fire rate of all the weapons, the type of projectile the gun uses (only some) and the force powers. This is my first mod.


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Download: Adrenaline Rush
File Size: 17k
Date: 09/26/00
Author: Frozen_Blade
Downloads: 1335


Score (0-10): 3
# of Ratings: 10
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SephirothPosted: 09/26/00 17:34   Report Abuse


Sura BoyayPosted: 09/26/00 21:23   Report Abuse
Been there done that. Come on people stuff like this has been done before. Mods like this are a dime a dozen.


LiquidBlurPosted: 09/27/00 00:05   Report Abuse
why?! why?! why?!......


MGamer07Posted: 09/27/00 00:09   Report Abuse
Looks like a collection of cheap hacks......not even going to bother downloading.


WAR_ACID_Posted: 09/27/00 02:49   Report Abuse
WOW!!! ITS AMAZING!! ANOTHER OLLECTION OF HAX IN ONE BIG GOB FILE!!!!...sorry guys can we please try somthing new for a change? These kind of mods have been done and they all are the same.


GURU_Saber59Posted: 09/27/00 19:21   Report Abuse
Sorry guys..... It was my first mod... I was just messing around so I could learn some basic cogging and it was fun so i decided to release it... If it offends you, you all have my sincerest appologies....


Darth DudePosted: 09/27/00 20:19   Report Abuse
Look guys. He is a newbie. Dont be offended. Most of the dudes dont even edit. Looks better than my skins. ;)
Oh, yes, and WAR_ACID_, it helps if you can spell Collection. Its not that hard. C-O-L-L-E-C-T-I-O-N. Now print that out, and memorize it, because groups are known as Collections, not Ollections. Keep on workin, Frozen Blade.


WAR_ACID_Posted: 09/29/00 00:33   Report Abuse
Oh yes i am sorry i forgot that your perfect and never mess up while your typing. I was in a hurry because i was late for practice and i didnt see the typo and if your busy enough to find and then write about it to me then whine then maybe you should get a life.


melef_5o8Posted: 09/29/00 07:08   Report Abuse
hey war_acid. the word you wanna use is "you're," as in you and are. you are. you're. get it? good.


Jedi Master JayPosted: 09/29/00 19:21   Report Abuse
Well the pack did look kinda like pretty much every newbie coggers gun pack so its not worth the downlaod, the thing hat most people wanna see is new 3do's they have sum great tutorials here u should read up on em, keep working man-JMJ and guys this comment system wuzn't put up to yell at one an uther so i suggest you stop before brian finds out and decides to delete the commenting system


NefariousPosted: 09/29/00 19:44   Report Abuse
NO NO NO NO NO.... think up something original, and spend some time on it. Being a newbie can be an advantage.....


NAJ_FettPosted: 09/30/00 01:19   Report Abuse
HEYYY!! hi GURU!!! ohh and hi Jay!!!!! ohhh ya well i haven't gotten the patch but i hope that u come out with some newer patches latter on in your carear!!! well see ya all later!!



LuNaTiCPosted: 09/30/00 09:16   Report Abuse
im sorry i have to agree with what MGamer07 said. better luck next time


meloman234Posted: 10/04/00 23:25   Report Abuse
Well, I'll be honest. These kinds of mods ARE posted 3 times a day or more. And they are really over used. But, it's a nice mod. Especially considering the fact that it's your first one. Good job as far as actually making it goes. Although, for future reference, you might want to consider staying away from these kinds of mods in the future. Just for the record, I layed these types of mods to rest a while back. But you've got an excuse, it's your first one. But try somethin' a bit different next time. Till then,

PS I gave him a 10 'cause it's his first time. Give'him a break.


KefkaPosted: 10/24/00 21:41   Report Abuse
I was wondering....have any Final Fantasy fans made a skin for Kefka, the boss from Final Fantasy VI/III? If someone has made one or knows where I can get one, please answer this post or e-mail me



LunatiC [LFC]Posted: 11/01/00 09:17   Report Abuse
"Kefka" maybe you should have posted that on the forums and not the comment post. On the side bar of Massassi, just click on Forums, it's that simple.


B.O.S.Posted: 12/30/00 14:48   Report Abuse
How in the heck does "Adrenaline Rush" accurately describe this unexciting mod besides the euphoria that lasts 2 seconds upon messin' w/ it?! To tell you the truth, I don't think I experienced any sort of shadow of a high at all. There is nothing ground-breaking or remotely interesting in this mod and, even when measured up against all the other generic weapon mods for JK out there, it doesn't seem to even try to stand out in anyway. Couldn't some strange weapons have been supplemented? I give this mod a rating = to about how many seconds the average person will be entertained by it (2 seconds).


NHS_coreyPosted: 10/17/01 03:02   Report Abuse
Ahh go easy on the guy it may have been done before but at least he tried. I could never do anything remotely close to this.


JS_FlublyPosted: 06/05/04 21:53   Report Abuse
Did anyone listen to him!? This is an old mod! His first one! He knows it's not good so shut up!


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