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This level starts in a large room with a switch and a hole in the middle. Drop and grab some guns, grenades, and a trench. There are 4 switches for artificial intelligence (not synched).


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Download: AI Trench Wars
File Size: 37k
Date: 10/02/00
Author: Jeremiah23
Downloads: 4200


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 8
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Jim14Posted: 10/03/00 18:18   Report Abuse
Cooool level. It's really good for co-op.


jeremiah23Posted: 10/08/00 22:22   Report Abuse
Thanks . It was redone in 16 bit snow and ice mats (Snow Trench Wars) . It should be posted soon, and perfect for stormtroopers


Mojo_JojoPosted: 10/09/00 23:52   Report Abuse
fun, simple, fast, and furious...great job...i can't wait to kill you here!!!


Xak SwiftsaberPosted: 11/03/00 18:35   Report Abuse
AItrenchwars has really good multi-playability. If you like co-op, or even just fighting in general, my recomendation to you is to download this level! Nice Job!


FH_MephistoPosted: 03/09/01 18:16   Report Abuse
hmm. not bad. It was fun for a while but got kinda boring. Where is that other switch that you reach with hookshot? I looked around, and unless it's one of those walk-through-walls afairs, it's not there. This level is good with the Ninja Kage 7.0 mod because your Ninja To is great as it kills AI opponents in 1 hit. Nothing more fun than wading into 100+ enemies and coming out alive. Not a bad level. You should make a sequel with AT-ST's to shoot in a big outdoor area with trenches. Plenty of stormies would be nice. Maybe a sniper tower as well.


ChrisPosted: 07/25/01 15:17   Report Abuse
Good level you can either do co op and fight the AI together or do every man for himself. You could even play offline as you can just fight the AI on your own then. It does get a little tiresome after a while so i wouldn't play it for that long.


Force master2Posted: 10/10/01 19:10   Report Abuse
cool lvl, but not as cool as it could be, such as you don't have the AI fighting each other, and u dan't have any freindly AI either.



_Space_Ape36_Posted: 02/16/02 19:54   Report Abuse
cool lv. Try making a Tellytubbie AI. EVery1 will LOVE it!!!!


MasterJediLukePosted: 04/26/02 17:13   Report Abuse
I couldn't find any good AI switches, only the annoying unarmed men. Maybe put something to help people FIND the switches?


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