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This is a castle set in some mountains. Very good for team play, one team attacks castle, other defends. This level is intended for 2-8 players. Recommended MODs are: Mideival weapons pack, DBZ 3.0, and KWP.


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Download: EvilTimes
File Size: 81k
Date: 10/02/00
Author: Neo_Trunks_DBZ
Downloads: 881


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 6
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chris006nancePosted: 10/02/00 20:53   Report Abuse
it's done! this is the level that had the pic of the wekk thing a month ago wasn't it? i''ve been waiting for this level if it is. now for the mots version.


chris006nancePosted: 10/02/00 22:34   Report Abuse
opps,my bad
1:this isn't the level i wanted,still good though.

2:it is mots,i now need a jk version.


Neo_Vegeta_DBZPosted: 10/03/00 00:37   Report Abuse
he is sending them a jk version he sent this one by mistake so it should be comming out on JK soon also i have played this with medival and its fun with it hes right about teams so enjoy and more to come lost more.

ps. still working on the mod.


Plasma ManPosted: 10/04/00 22:56   Report Abuse
I give it a 7.

I must say that it could be greatly improved if there were some weapons outside the castle so that the team outside the castle would have a chance of winning.


BalethannmasterPosted: 06/15/04 19:40   Report Abuse
This map is so great with mandalorian wars 3, it's great to try to fly into the castle while getting shot at with streams of ewebb fire.


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3D Preview developed by Stephan Reiter

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