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A canyon with many good sniper spots and lots of guns and secret places. Designed for 2-8 players.


Level Info:

Download: Canyon Outpost
File Size: 225k
Date: 10/04/00
Author: Mhc_Ninja
Downloads: 510


Score (0-10): 6
# of Ratings: 3
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ReAcToRPosted: 10/04/00 12:10   Report Abuse
It's easy to see that you are a new editor, but already you show skill in some areas. The atmosphere was realistic/believable. I would suggest adding more sounds(something that alot of good levels lack), and make that water scroll like it's flowing. Canyon levels are probably my favorite overall. Nothing like a mixture of indoor and outdoor DM in the same level. Keep up the good work.


Mhc_NinjaPosted: 10/04/00 16:11   Report Abuse
Add more comment's please. The water flowing was hard Jed did not want to do it dont know why. But thanks for your comment.


jedi masterPosted: 10/04/00 19:18   Report Abuse
heh hem didn't everyone say canyon level sucked and that they were a waste of time doing????????? now you are saying they are good????? i mean come on make your minds up. I know my level wasn't the best ever but.... now you are encouraging them. Keep up the work and i hope to see many more levels from you in the future :o)


Army_RangerPosted: 10/04/00 23:15   Report Abuse
Nice level :) Yes it is a little noticeable that you are a new editor. But, I like this level. About Canyon levels: People are tried of Canyon Oasis modifcations. Other levels that have a canyon scene are still I think ok. A good example is Canyon Desert and Canyon Stream. Both are set in canyon enviroments, but alot of people really like those levels. Keep up the good work! (Just no Canyon OASIS mods.)



BrianPosted: 10/05/00 12:33   Report Abuse
Darkjedi86 and I played this level for quite a while. I'm glad to see that the author has learned cleaving/deleting to create architecture. The next logical step would be to make sure that EVERY area was as interesting as the bunker area. No more long square tunnels, no drops that take you to water that takes forever to get out of (a level flow issue - nobody wants to spend time in an MP game running up a billion tiny square tunnels).

Texture alignment should be better (read the stitching tutorial). Item placement was terrible. The concussion rifle, a bunch of health, a revive, a supershield, and the rail gun were ALL in one area. DJ86 and I rarely left that area, because we had no reason to. One of the great things about item placement is that you can use it to make sure people use the entire map, rather than just one section.

Overall, a good effort, keep practicing and your next levels will definitely start kicking ass!


korn_boy38Posted: 10/07/00 23:21   Report Abuse
Jedi Master, people say that CANYON OAISIS levels suck (including myself), not start-from-scratch canyon levels. Now if someone comes up with their own canyon level, I actually honor them, because they have the brains not edit CO.


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