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This mod makes you fly when you turn on the field light. You can turn fly on and off, and the batteries are unlimited so fly doesn't run out.


Level Info:

Download: Fly Field Light
File Size: 5k
Date: 10/08/00
Author: jeremiah23
Downloads: 864


Score (0-10): 4
# of Ratings: 18
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RTypePosted: 10/08/00 17:04   Report Abuse
Isn't this just a fly cog and an items.dat?


WAR_ACID_Posted: 10/08/00 17:45   Report Abuse
uhh...this file is just the items.dat and the fly cog. Can you please do better. This is a waist of space. This file took like 2 seconds to make in PC. Please dont post things like this ever again.


Wise Old ManPosted: 10/08/00 18:36   Report Abuse
The only good use for this is to take good screenshots of your level, hehehe! Other than that its a simple hack that the poster probably did not make or he downloaded one and modified it.


Phantom of the OpryPosted: 10/08/00 20:18   Report Abuse
Isn't this just a hack for people who aren't smart enough to learn how to hack?


chris006nancePosted: 10/08/00 20:26   Report Abuse
yeah! a hack for me!


OuterRimYunPosted: 10/08/00 20:51   Report Abuse
My rating for this "mod": 0


jeremiah23Posted: 10/08/00 22:02   Report Abuse
Flying is a cool addition to an already cool game , so I thought people might enjoy to fly , and I have seen a lot of people say it would be cool to be able to turn fly on and of , so lets see you do better , or even make a cog like this work and then I will agree that it's a waste of time for me to have posted this . Sorry to WASTE YOUR TIME AND SPACE .


Han5678Posted: 10/09/00 00:02   Report Abuse
sorry to say but this thing is boring all it is, is a hack. I challenge you to make a better mod come on i make better ones than this well who doesn't but that is beside the point


WAR_ACID_Posted: 10/09/00 08:51   Report Abuse
I can make a patch like this in PatchCommander in 3 min. So please dont challenge me to doing it and make it sound like its hard.


Mojo_JojoPosted: 10/10/00 19:47   Report Abuse
wait just a it just me, or are most of the patches made for patchcommander just simple hacks....that's the whole idea behind patch....everybody has the same hacks or mods....i've been looking for a patch like this...and if it's so easy and everybody can do it, why did it take so long to get posted?
do we have a bunch of "experts" who just sit on lazy butts and cut on everyone else?...and this won't go through checksum...that is just a poor lie


loren_212Posted: 12/29/00 17:38   Report Abuse
all you have to do is press "t" than type "eriamjh on"


Lucky # 13Posted: 01/14/01 00:32   Report Abuse
This is kinda fun for MP, but cheats work better in SP. I am feeling nice today, so i gave it a two (2). Feel lucky.


Trainer_PatrickPosted: 05/17/01 01:04   Report Abuse
Ummm... It didnt work


macnishtopPosted: 05/19/02 19:06   Report Abuse
I haven't downloaded this, but I always thought it would be fun to fly around while causing mass distruction and committing random acts of pointless violence. I give it a 6/10.

By the way: To Mojo jojo's comment--a parsec is a measurement of distance, not time.


Draco429Posted: 06/06/02 01:49   Report Abuse
Ummm, I can't get it to work.


IA_D_VadergatorPosted: 06/25/02 19:56   Report Abuse
I think that this would work well with my X-Wing Tie TC-like thing, just hit F2 to fly, that will really help in my project, it should be posted by the time this is. I'll have screenshots of it soon.
IA_D_Vadergator [massassi name and zone name


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