Abandoned Underwater Base

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A zoological research compound stationed on the ocean floor of Mon Calamari, the water planet. It includes a control center, science deck, observatories, a bar, and a hidden area with a maze.


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Download: Abandoned Underwater Base
File Size: 164k
Date: 10/13/00
Author: GeminiDragon
Downloads: 2178


Score (0-10): 7
# of Ratings: 9
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FBJK_Raziel1Posted: 10/13/00 21:30   Report Abuse
Well, I liked the level idea, the texturing needed some work though. All in all, good level. BUT, you SHOULD make it possible to get to the outside. that would make it more...interesting


GeminiDragonPosted: 10/13/00 22:05   Report Abuse
I regretted sending this in because soon after I found lots of problems with it, and about the outside the base issue, I warped outside using cheats and it is quite buggy out there, believe me, you are safer inside. Right now I'm working on a SP project and I think it will be 10 times as good as this little level.


GeminiDragonPosted: 10/14/00 05:09   Report Abuse
As you can tell, in the screenshots it shows marine life, and I did have the fish in my level, could someone tell me why they don't show up when I play this level with others?


FBJK_Raziel1Posted: 10/14/00 16:02   Report Abuse
I still say it is a good level, but now that I played it again, there are more bugs than I thought. Are you going to make a remake of the level?


GeminiDragonPosted: 10/15/00 20:35   Report Abuse
I am not going to remake this level, sorry. Instead I am working on a whole new project so keep your eyes peeled.


Obliterator2Posted: 10/16/00 01:00   Report Abuse
Heyyyyyy, Gemini...Finally got it posted, I see. Like I was saying when I tested it, it had some nice architecture and ideas; unfortunately, a few things didn't help. You had a poorly placed concussion rifle, and since so little of the level was accessable, it got sort of boring. The lag was good, and it's good for your first. Better than mine (they still don't work). Let me know if you want me to help with that SP project...I can test or help with 3dos.


GeminiDragonPosted: 10/18/00 20:10   Report Abuse
Sorry Oblit, don't need 3dos... Yet. I'll keep you posted, but I do need some help with the cogs, apparently. How do people like the maze I added in the level? Even I get lost in there from time to time...


Force master2Posted: 07/18/01 19:18   Report Abuse
great, but a bit unweaponed (if you get what I mean.

good luck getting lost in the maze

force master2



kyle_katarnPosted: 08/30/01 21:20   Report Abuse
I liked the level and level ideas the texturing and bugs really did show in places tho
otherwise a good level
{ by the way were is the maze I haven't found it hmmmm maybe I should have looked}


Force master2Posted: 11/30/02 15:42   Report Abuse
you should have a map of the maze (the secret area is located, when u come out of the room with the st. rifle, on the right just past the door, you will find a small room with a console, use it, and your map if u need help, look for a gap in the wall!)


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